Our 4 Favorite Influencer Marketing Campaigns from Ramadan 2019

Our 4 Favorite Influencer Marketing Campaigns from Ramadan 2019

Our 4 Favorite Influencer Marketing Campaigns from Ramadan 2019 890 500 Bradri.

The month of blessings left us very happy, and we have a lot to share with you about the influencer marketing campaigns from Ramadan. Pakistani brands left no stone unturned in reaping the rewards of their carefully-curated influencer campaigns, and everyone was a winner.

We have picked out four campaigns from Ramadan that were most impressive and far-reaching. Influencer marketing is still a new domain in Pakistan, so brands are still making mistakes and getting their next campaign right. This article can be a good starting point for the brands that are willing to learn and improve.

Check out Team Bradri’s four favorite campaigns from Ramadan 2019:

Shan Foods Global

We doubt your nationality as a Pakistani if you have never heard of Shan Foods. “Shan Masalay” is an important part of a Pakistani kitchen. The company has been around for years, and their spices are always the perfect blend.

Over the years, Shan Foods has introduced many new products like achars (pickles), chutneys, and dessert mixes. So, it is a fact that in this part of the world, we love using Shan products in our food. What about our loved ones who migrate or travel abroad?

This Ramadan, we noticed a few posts pop up on our Instagram feed, where foreign Pakistanis cooked delicious-looking dishes with Shan spices. A quick search was enough to tell us that Shan was partnering with influencers and going global!

Pakistani origin Influencers from every corner of the world posted images of their scrumptious dishes made from Shan masala throughout Ramadan, adding more credibility to Shan’s products. You can find all the posts under #shanfoodsglobal on Instagram.

Key takeaways

  • Be it Pakistan or Australia/New Zealand/Canada/US; Shan will be there to add a homely flavor to your meals
  • They have revamped as a brand and is now partnering with influencers to gain traction
  • Shan is investing in influencer marketing more to access the target audience of these relevant influencers
  • No better time than Ramadan to promote your food-based business


For a Pakistani living abroad, money transfer woes are real. Some companies charge a hefty transfer amount while others take days to transfer money. Banks also make it difficult to send the exact amount by cutting off cash in exchange costs or transfer fee.

This is where WorldRemit comes into the scene. The London-based startup raised $175 million last year in funding because of their unique model. WorldRemit focuses on serving migrant workers who want to send money to their home countries but save on the fee.

Using the mobile technology and money transfer model, WorldRemit also launched a global campaign to inform Pakistanis about free transfers this Ramadan. Influencers from all around the world took part in this unique campaign and expressed their happiness in having a money transfer service that considered exchange rates and transfer fee.

World Remit worked with influencers on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. The key messages were that most of the transfers would be free, and free meals will be distributed to the needy in collaboration with Edhi Foundation. You can find Instagram and Facebook posts under the hashtag #RamadanWithWorldRemit.


Key takeaways

  • Global influencer campaigns are becoming a new norm for local businesses
  • Ramadan is an ideal time to vouch for values like charity, zakat and good deeds
  • You can cut down on massive ad spend and work with relevant influencers to amplify your brand message

JDC Dastarkhwan

They say that the City of Lights has the best iftar and sehri donation campaigns in Pakistan. We don’t have solid stats backing this statement, but we do know that even one meal served with the goodness of heart has just as significant an effect as a whole spread.

This Ramadan, JDC, a local charity from Karachi, made to the news with their huge sehri and iftar drives. We are not talking a couple of hundred people here; we are talking about 20,000 people! JDC hit it out of the park by serving people from all religions, races, and ethnicities under one roof throughout Ramadan.

The non-profit partnered with influencers to spread the news around the country and abroad. Many celebrity appearances were also seen during the month because everyone should earn ‘sawab’ during Ramadan!

JDC also introduced ‘ostrich meat’ dishes in their dastarkhwan, which added to the hype. Almost all popular influencers in Pakistan talked about the non-profit’s measures to serve humanity during the blessed month. Here’s a list of YouTube videos about JDC.

Key takeaways

  • Many non-profits spend money on buying airtime and billboard ads in Ramadan, but they can be smart and leverage influencer marketing
  • Each influencer provides the opportunity to maximize your reach by a couple of thousand people
  • Ramadan dastarkhwan’s social campaign set a new trend for other non-profits to utilize time, money and resources and save some bucks

Unilever Walls Ice Cream

Just when the Holy Month ended, it was time for celebrations of Eid! Eid is the most anticipated occasion, where people meet loved ones and enjoy the holidays. Walls Pakistan cashed on the opportunity by sending ‘Eidi’ to some popular Pakistani influencers.

You can see the happiness on every individual’s face when they got their #eidiwithwalls. Eid ul Fitr is nothing without Eidi, so Walls propagated the idea that ice creams can make the perfect gift in this scorching weather.

Key Takeaways

  • Eidi is not just money; Walls showed by example that gift boxes are also pretty cool
  • Walls Pakistan showed off their products in a unique way by making the influencers put photos on their Instagram. Their mini cone idea received much praise
  • It was also a perfectly aligned idea with ‘meethi eid.’

Final Thoughts about Influencer Marketing Campaigns

We hope you picked some ideas from our favorite campaigns of Ramadan 2019. As we mentioned in our last post about Ramadan campaign, there are some trends that come into play when you are marketing in this month.

The campaigns mentioned above all revolve around charity, food, celebration, and concept of family coming together. If your brand is looking for influencers for the next big campaign, Team Bradri is here to help!

Featured Photo Credits – Hunaina Rasool