How to Establish a New Brand with the Help of Influencer Marketing

How to Establish a New Brand with the Help of Influencer Marketing

How to Establish a New Brand with the Help of Influencer Marketing 890 500 Bradri.

The first step in creating a sales funnel is to create and grow brand awareness. You cannot expect leads or conversions without this crucial step. There are several ways to create brand awareness using digital marketing, but none come close to influencer marketing. When planning to establish a new brand with the help of influencer marketing, the top priority of 65% of marketers is to build maximum brand awareness.

For the past couple of years, the influencers have occupied front-row seats in fashion shows, signing exclusive content deals, and becoming brand ambassadors of multinational brands. The technique of influencer marketing is simple, works on consumer psychology, and brings effective results. If you wish to launch a product through influencer marketing, you will be fighting against many odds. However, marketers who take a leap of faith and invest in influencer marketing fare better than those who don’t.

Influencer Marketing for New Brand

This article will explain some successful product launch strategies using influencer marketing. Be it a new business or an established one, you can become redundant if you do not incorporate innovative strategies. Sincere napkin is a befitting example of how a new product can make a name between well-established competitors. The brand quickly rose from the new name in town to people’s favorite, all thanks to creative marketing.

Offering a Refined Product

It was not only the marketing that made Sincere napkins popular in Pakistani marketing. The makers came prepared to deal with the plethora of questions and queries of an average sanitary napkins user. After all, the purpose of their product was to fill a gap in women’s lives which they identified after thorough research.

For a Pakistani woman, there is a mix of local and imported sanitary napkin brands they can choose from the aisles. Companies with big advertising and marketing budgets usually take up the most space on the shelves. But quantity does not signify quality in this matter, as women needed another trustable option to try. Sincere napkins fulfilled this demand, and word of mouth sentiment for the product generally came out positive.

Choosing a Popular Brand Ambassador

With a good quality product to offer, Sincere reached out to the bubbly Hania Amir to be their brand ambassador. This was another step in the right direction because Hania Amir has a large fan following on social media and has millions of fans in Pakistan. She also used to be a Dubsmash creator before becoming an actor, so she was already popular on the Pakistani interwebs.

The persona of Hania Amir and her stance on choosing Sincere paved way for so many girls who were looking to switch their sanitary napkin company. Moreover, the Ad running on social media and TV built more brand awareness and had a compelling call to action (CTA).

Partnering with Micro and Nano Influencers

We cannot stress enough on the importance of working with micro and nano influencers in Pakistan. People behind the brand made sure to send PR packages to relevant influencers. One way to launch an effective campaign is to include influencers in the pre-launch discussion phase. The input and creativity of these individuals can often provide you a fresh perspective. These influencers posted unboxing videos and detailed reviews of the product and gave a human touch to the brand.

Addressing Consumer Issues

It is not common to see brands get on the same level with you about the effectiveness of their product. However, it is different in the case of sanitary napkins. Napkins are an essential item that is more like a necessity for girls and women on a regular basis. Sincere, as a brand, tried to invoke a conversation on social media by using the hashtag #SaathHerBaar and #SincereBFF on common period myths.

The brand encouraged women to discuss their embarrassing period stories and talk about how periods are still considered a taboo subject in their families in different groups on Facebook. There are so many things women are forbidden to do when on periods, which becomes a hurdle in their daily life. Also, many female influencers went the extra mile and addressed other common issues like rashes, bad odor and reliability on their personal platforms.

Businesses Going Online During COVID19

Covid19 challenged people from all walks of life, and it seems like things have come down to survival of the fittest. Businesses and retailers that embraced the change and went digital are still reporting profits during the global pandemic. Even if some businesses lost their physical sales, they continue to reach out to customers through online platforms to keep the message afloat.

Fashion retailers introduced virtual fashion shows, 3D modeling sans models, and e-commerce businesses introduced curbside pick up or hands-free deliveries. When the going got tough, the tough got going!

Brands equipped with creative strategies are also the ones best positioned to recover from the crisis when things go back to normal. Even if this is the ‘new normal’, some businesses went ahead and revamped to accept it as it is. Therefore, Sincere and many other new entrants in the market are going to go the long mile and keep their target customers engaged through online means. On the customer’s end, if it is unsafe to shop at a physical store, they will continue to shop online. As a business, your brand must be the first stop the customer makes when shopping on the internet.


Those days are long gone when brands spent millions on product launches to drive awareness. If you approach the right marketing strategies, there is no reason why your brand cannot thrive in the market. Sincere napkins had a challenge before entering the arena, in the shape of big brand names. Nevertheless, Sincere is now a recognized name as backed by popular influencers. Want Team Bradri to match you with the coolest influencers for your next product launch? Reach out to us and take your launch game to the next level!

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