Vlogging in Pakistan: How to Thrive the Latest Video Content Boom

Vlogging in Pakistan: How to Thrive the Latest Video Content Boom

Vlogging in Pakistan: How to Thrive the Latest Video Content Boom 890 500 Bradri.

The term Vlogging in Pakistan needs no formal introduction. As the first generation of Pakistani vloggers has already explained it, time and again.  Their tireless efforts have naturally started witnessing great returns, as a new generation of vloggers is poping-up in all shapes and sizes from all across Pakistan.  One of the best things about the current internet population of today is the focus on producing original content. Gone are the days when reposting used to be the rule of the game. People prefer to take inspiration from the content which is being produced worldwide, mix it with their creativity and channel it into a local frame of reference.

Vlogging, as defined by Cambridge Dictionary is an act of recording your thoughts, experiences or opinions on camera, and then publishing it on the internet.

Urban Dictionary calls it a combination of two words video+logging=vlogging, referring to the posting of videos on the internet that are not mainstream and including content containing bits about the creator’s own story.

Both definitions make it clear that vlogging means posting random videos on the internet which will probably not follow a theme and may not even be scripted.

In the recent years, we have seen a few vloggers rise on Pakistani video content scene, namely Irfan Junejo, Junaid Akram and Shehzad Malik (Shehzad Show). These famous Pakistani YouTubers quickly became everyone’s favorite because they were not afraid of showing their daily life on camera to thousands of people on YouTube. Brands also noticed their original work and started pitching collaborative ideas to these Pakistani social media influencers.

Why should you start vlogging in Pakistan?

Today, there is a rise of vlogging in Pakistan, and many people have found the courage to start their own YouTube channel. One of the most important aspects of vlogging is to create a visual connection with your audience (far better than written blog posts). Doesn’t matter if you just want to have fun or you want to get involved with a community with your unique voice, vlogging can help you express yourself as a creator similar to how blogging help writers a decade ago.

In Pakistan, we have so many cultures, values, and social narratives in parallel that one can feel happy about the fact that there won’t be a set recipe for success in content creation and vlogging. Everyone finds their own way, and creates their own path to success in this art. Moreover, the famous vloggers will tell you that your very first video doesn’t have to be a masterpiece- it should be a good and honest effort from your side.

Momina Munir found her love for vlogging and start doing it with a mobile phone.  Actor/Singer Taimoor Salahuddin (Mooroo) left his mainstream media engagements, just to pursue his full-time career as a vlogger and online content creator.  Irfan Junejo, the inspiration behind every local vlogger himself started his vlog channel without any fancy gear, budget OR skills.  This is enough proof and confidence for aspiring vloggers to start their content creation journey at any point in their lives.

Some of the most popular vloggers around the world have constantly changed their vlogging styles, editing styles and their fans have loved the work in any case. As a budding Pakistani vlogger, your main goal should be to put some videos out there and then learn from experience.

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Spend quality time researching and brainstorming your vlog content

Have you ever heard the Lyari Underground Rapperz? They are taking over the music scene of Pakistan with their unique rap, but when you ask them about their inspiration, they’ll tell you that its Tupac who also came from a community like Lyari. Tupac’s work inspires Lyari Underground in so many ways. Vlogging in Pakistan

When you are passionate about something, you should become hungry for more information about it. If you want to vlog, read up about the current top vloggers of the world and in Pakistan. Vlogging in Pakistan

We have also made a long list of Pakistani Female Vloggers that you can take inspiration from, along with travel vloggers and YouTubers in Pakistan.

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Make a list of things these people are doing that you can also incorporate in your vlogs, like their style of talking, vlogging hours, topics they discuss, editing style, interaction with fans, etc.  It is not a bad thing to take inspiration from others, because if something has worked for a few vloggers, it may work for you as well.

Equipment doesn’t matter 

It is a general misconception that the most important part of becoming a vlogger is the equipment you will be needing to shoot videos.  This is not true in most cases, and you don’t need expensive equipment to start with your vlogging career.  Mr. Aamir Bhagat of iTeachStuff, who also conducts workshops and training courses around the same topic firmly believes that you can work with minimum equipment and can still generate great vlogging content.  He guides and trains new content creators to work with the best available resources and experiment with their vlogs.


It goes without saying that you can’t become a vlogger without a good video camera.  But, you need a lot more than a good video camera to make your content stand out from the crowd. On the equipment side, here are some options: Vlogging in Pakistan

#1. Beginner Level:  A Smartphone is all that you need to start

Many popular vloggers once started shooting, editing and uploading videos from their phones. iPhone, Samsung and many other companies are introducing phones with a really good camera and mics, so you don’t have to worry about additional gear.

Moreover, the iPhone also has an edit feature in the Photos app, which can be used to trim clips that you can edit using iMovie. Other apps include Videoshop, Magisto, and Splice for all phones. When you are done, use the YouTube app to upload the video directly on the web!

#2. Moderate Level:  A computer with editing software to level up

Many people have done this before, and there is no harm in beginning your vlogging career through a laptop camera. Just shoot a video, edit it in a software like Windows Moviemaker and upload the video on the web!

#3. Professional Level:  A professional camera and gear to ramp up

No one can deny the importance of a good vlogging camera, but if you have a digital camera that can shoot videos, you can use it to start your vlogging journey. For this, you will require help from a Desktop or Laptop to edit the videos and then post them.

Once the channel picks up, you can invest in a good professional camera, drone, mic, and tripod to take your vlogging game to the next level. Always remember, little steps towards your goal are better than no steps at all!

Choose a publishing platform

Start a YouTube channel

When it comes to professional vlogging in Pakistan and abroad, YouTube is your safest bet. It is one of the biggest video platforms of the world, has a solid viewership (5 billion views per day!) of people from every country and unlimited opportunities for you to thrive as a vlogger.

Starting a channel only takes minutes, and setup will hardly take half an hour, based on how you wish to customize your channel. The only prerequisite for making a YouTube channel is to have a Gmail account which will be linked to your YouTube. Once you link, you are good to go!

Customize everything on the YouTube profile to match your persona- the image you want to maintain as a vlogger from Pakistan. Here is the YouTube channel of Hira, who is a vlogger from Pakistan:

Upload your videos

Once you are all set up, it is time to post videos on YouTube! Find the ‘upload’ button on the top right of your channel which will take you to the upload page. Enter important details like video title, tags, description, etc to curate the video. For step by step instructions, visit our YouTube marketing guide.

Moreover, smartphone users can also use the YouTube app to upload videos directly from their phone. YouTube Creators Academy is also a good place to learn from.

IGTV is also another upcoming platform for vloggers.  Learn more about it here

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Few guidelines for vloggers Vlogging in Pakistan

Now that your account is running, you will be faced with the question of the century: what do I post next? The Internet is flooded with new videos and there are so many ideas, so how do you stand out?

The answer is: by staying true to your niche/persona. Vlogging in Pakistan

Make a schedule 

A schedule will save your life better than anything else. Just like blog writers post regularly, vloggers also have to stick to a schedule, most importantly because it builds a habit for them and the followers. Start small, so maybe one video every Wednesday is good for beginners. However, one video should always match your style and has to be edited to perfection.


It works well for people who already have a popular social media account on sites like Instagram or Facebook, but that is not it. You should use your other social profiles to cross-promote your videos. Provide an incentive to your followers to come to your YouTube page through a link and subscribe.  Vlogging in Pakistan

For example, Jadirah Sarmad is a beauty blogger/vlogger who is popular on Instagram and Snapchat, so she directs these fans to her YouTube by posting beauty tutorials, makeup reviews, shopping hauls, etc.

Always edit yourself

Always remember this advice- edit your video by yourself, no matter how popular you get. It is you who worked hard to build yourself as a brand, and you should never deprive your loyal followers of this basic personal essence. As a vlogger, you even shoot a scene based on how you will edit it, so never let this important aspect go out of your hands.

Last word

Vlogging seems like something only youngsters or Millenials would do, but that should not be the case anymore. The stage of YouTube is open equally for everyone who has the skill and creativity to make it big. Video remains the best way to help people know you in the least time. When people see you regularly, you occupy a familiar place in their mind and they start trusting you and your story.

So, what are you waiting for?

Collect your thoughts, sit down in a peaceful corner and make a concept for 1-4 vlogs that can kickstart your career! On the same note, keep learning and reading more about equipment, cinematography, editing and public speaking.

If you have any questions, we are here to help!


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