How To Make Money From Instagram in Pakistan

How To Make Money From Instagram in Pakistan

How To Make Money From Instagram in Pakistan 890 500 Bradri.

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Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, with more than 400 million users around the world. Gone are the days when people posted photos of their breakfast and dinner on Instagram for the sake of it. Now, you can actively post and turn your Instagram account to into a money-making venture.

Digital marketers and social media influencers turn to Instagram and earn big bucks through their content and fame. There are so many people who have found the ideal mix of creativity and skill to gain more following and money on Instagram.

The past few years have seen a surge in Instagram Influencers in Pakistan. We have seen these Instagrammers rises to the challenge and follow various niches according to their passion.

Let’s look at some tried and tested ideas to earn through Instagram in Pakistan:

How to Earn Money from Instagram Accounts and Posts

1. By Becoming an Instagram Influencers

Instagram Influencers in Pakistan are going that extra mile and earned through their hard work. Influencer marketing is all the rage, so why not participate and get your share out of it?

Influencers are all about niches and things they are passionate about. If you follow someone whose thoughts resonate with you and who regularly posts about things that interest you, they influence you in some way. so, if that influencer shares a product or service, you will most likely check that product or service out.

Slowly and gradually, you can rise as an Instagram influencer in your country/city. Many people are now mega influencers with 100k+ followers in Pakistan, and they started from scratch. Good following will not develop overnight, but when it will, you will be amazed. You can cultivate a community of highly relevant followers who love you and your personal brand!

Product Reviews

Influencers often receive mail by brands to review products and services. It can be anything that can showcase the brand to an influencer’s followers. For example, many restaurants in Pakistan now invite insta food bloggers to food testing or menu testings. The newly opened PF Chang’s outlet in Karachi invited all the popular influencers for menu testing.

As a content creator, it is your job to highlight a product review as well as you can. It can be in the shape of a beautiful photo post, an IGTV video or a short video on your feed/stories. Earn Money Through Instagram

Ad Placement

Your Instagram feed is just as important for ad placements like a billboard. World-famous influencers like Lilly Singh, Casey Neistat and even celebs use their Insta feed to place ads for brands. However, Instagram wants every influencer to maintain transparency. Now, you have to write #ad with every sponsored post on your feed.

With Ad placements, you can set a standard budget and manage your rates according to frequency of posts, etc.


Pakistani accounts have upped their promotion game on Instagram. Digital magazine accounts like Diva Magazine, FHM and Ebuzz can promote a post on your behalf for a certain amount. These accounts are followed by the who’s whos of the country, so you have more chances of reaching your target audience.

Lifestyle blogs do very well on Instagram because they charge to promote a bit of everything, be it movie, clothes, food or fitness.

Creative Content Creation

In brand collaborations, you can either go ahead with content provided by them or create your own. This is up to your creativity, and Pakistani influencers have been doing well in this field lately. Use your content to drive more engagement, use cool captions and refrain from venturing out into negative comments.

Using content creatively also widens your path for a broader range of brand collabs. Good content surpasses the need to stay strictly in one niche and enables you to expand your work horizons. A good example is this Karachi-based voice over artist who promotes all things but maintains her content steady.

2. By Giving Brand and Product Shoutouts

Another aspect of influencer marketing is giving shoutouts. Pakistani celebrities like Ayesha Omar regularly follow this routine where they dedicate one post or story to give shoutout to a brand. It is easy for mega influencers like Ayesha Omar to give a shoutout to a brand and get them hundreds of impressions in a day.

Shoutouts work well when you need instant results and want the quickest route possible. Influencers of any size can give shoutouts based on the results a client is looking for. Again, you have to measure your average engagement, reach and impressions on a post to determine the price of that one shoutout.

Many people give shoutouts on stories only, and you can also do that. In the end, you are the best judge of the situation.

3. By Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most common methods of marketing on Instagram and earning money. The job is simple, you become an affiliate of a brand and refer their products or services to your followers.

In western countries, there are simple online methods to give the affiliate their share from a sale through websites and referrals. Since there is no way to know link clicks except from the account owner themselves, you have to be transparent in your mode of interaction.

In Pakistan, many businesses are doing to affiliate marketing strategy by giving a promo code to their designated marketers. Beauty companies take the lead in this practice, because it is one of the easiest ways to track how many sales came through the affiliate.

in the US, Amazon has their affiliate program, where you can sign up and have a page of your own endorsements. People can ‘swipe up’ and shop the product you referred and you earn a cut out of each sale. This strategy is not limited to one niche only, so doesn’t matter if you are a travel, food, fitness or beauty marketer.

4. By Creating an E-commerce Business on Instagram

Instagram E-commerce: This is also a very common money-making idea that has landed many people with enough money to quit their day jobs. One of the finest examples of this in Pakistan is Blingspot Studio. Two sisters from Islamabad started this business a few years ago, where they sold really cute stationery pieces that are not commonly available in the market.

Soon, their business picked up because no one was selling this kind of stationery in Pakistan before. Blingspot Studio started making monthly delivery boxes and so much more and also took suggestions from loyal customers. Each delivery came through with a handwritten thank-you note for the customer and a request to like their pages on social media.

Today, Blingspot Studio has its own website and all orders are made and sent through the site. This is only one story, many, many businesses have risen up through this mode on Instagram. But, you need to be careful before buying from a new store, because some miscreants also con people. The responsibility of check and balance lies on your shoulders.

5. By Promoting Your Talents, Hobbies, and Services

This was not a usual practice to Make Money through Instagram by selling services, until a year ago. Instagram profile owners can make money by marketing their services on their profile. Since services can’t be shown properly on a post or video, you can take help from good content to highlight your best selling points.

For example, Zo the nutritionist is a nutritionist account on Instagram, and she dedicates her post to spread awareness about good food. She could just ask people to find out more by visiting her office, but that is not how it works on Instagram. Zo regularly posts stories and videos about good food shopping, what to eat, and how to remain fit.

This practice earns her more followers and more engagement. Most of her clients find her on social media because she educates her followers enough to convince them to book a consultation.

For marketing services, your customer service must be top-notch. You can’t stay inactive for days and you can’t ignore people just because they ask too many questions. If you keep consistent and active, you will soon get \customers.

Another account like this provides yoga training to women in Lahore. She gets her clients through social media, and then highlights their testimonials after every workshop on her Instagram. Those who are new to her profile can read those testimonials and feel motivated to go for her yoga services. So, a nicely designed feed + customer services can help you earn through Instagram.

6. By Selling Your Instagram Account

It is true, you can buy Instagram accounts with thousands of followers! Many people have turned this habit into a normal money-making practice now. They curate an account to attract organic followers, and then sell the account to someone who is willing to pay a good price.

However, there are some standard operating practices when buying or selling an Instagram account:

  • It is possible that the seller of a page might have collected fake followers or bots which are always penalized by Instagram. You need to make sure that you don’t waste your money on an account with fake followers.
  • Meet the page owner/buyer in person to know them better and then decide if you want to go through with buying or selling.
  • If you cannot meet the person due to geographical or any other reasons, you should see their National identity card number or any other valid ID.

It is the world of digital marketing, so a well-maintained account with original followers may be of immense value to someone. Make sure you are doing everything right before going ahead with account ownership because once you make the decision you cannot go back.

7. By Becoming A Pop Culture Phenomenon

It is not a far-fetched concept anymore, you are your personal brand. The sooner you recognize it, the sooner you can Earn Money in Pakistan on Instagram. Make that money!

Take a pen and paper and highlight the most shining aspects of your personality. What do you like to do most? Which things do you dislike? Skills are you best at? The job you work is not your personality. Your personal brand is the values you admire and the skills you possess.

For example, you can be working as a nurse but be passionate about caring for cats! Why not make an account about your love for feline animals and how to care for them? This is what makes you unique and makes your posts resonate with other like-minded people on Instagram.

In short, rise as a personal brand and then turn to Instagram to highlight it.

Last word

We hope this thread helped you in collecting some ideas on how to Earn Money in Pakistan through Instagram. Many people have done it before, so you have better chances to follow their lead and learn from their best and worst practices.

To round up the conversation, in order to Make Money through Instagram

  • Rise as a personal brand
  • Become an Instagram influencer
  • Give shoutouts to brands on posts and stories
  • Create an account with good following and sell that to a prospective buyer / buy an account with lots of followers to kickstart your journey on Instagram
  • Do affiliate marketing by endorsing products
  • Create an Instagram shop to sell stuff
  • Highlight your services business by making an account on Instagram

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