Top Pakistani TikTok Stars with most subscribers 2020

Top Pakistani TikTok Stars with most subscribers 2020

Top Pakistani TikTok Stars with most subscribers 2020 890 500 Bradri.

There is no time to ponder, TikTok craze has taken over Pakistan. The best time to go big on social media in Pakistan is when a new medium launches. That’s exactly what Pakistani creators did with TikTok. While many of us are still fiddling with Snapchat, other are acing the TikTok game.  Top Pakistani Tiktok Influencers

We believe that TikTok is set to give Instagram a hard time in influencer marketing success. The app already posted recorded an year on year growth of 521% in the last quarter of 2019. With an exciting future ahead, it is just the right time to let you know about key influencers on TikTok in Pakistan.

1. Jannat Mirza

Top Pakistani Tiktok Influencers - Jannat Mirza

Jannat Mirza is one of the most popular TikTokers in Pakistan currently. She posts funny and stylish videos on TikTok. Born and raised in Faisalabad, Jannat acquired fans from around the world. Nowadays, she has moved to Japan for pursuing higher education.

Jannat has 3.2 million TikTok followers and 29m+ hearts on all her videos.

Jannat Mirza Official TikTok Profille

2. Nousheen Syed (Dolly)

Top Pakistani Tiktok Influencers - Dolly Fashion Icon

Dolly is another popular TikTok creator of Pakistan. She is a makeup artist and fashion designer who uses TikTok to display her many talents. You can see her posting makeup tutorials, funny videos and lip sync videos. Dolly’s account has 3.1 million followers and 65.6 million hearts.

Dolly Fashion Icon Official TikTok Profille

3. Tuqeer Ahmed (Phollu)

Top Pakistani Tiktok Influencers - Phollu

What we love the most about the viral TikTokers of Pakistan is their diversity. TikTok gave a chance to people from both rural and urban areas to show their skills. Phollu is one of such profiles. He always has a sweet smile on his face while making videos.

Phollu rose to fame with his funny and well choreographed videos on TikTok. His fans love his effortless acting in the videos and they admire his talent. His account is called ‘Phoollu ki vines’ and he has 2.3 million followers, with 65.6 million hearts on all videos. Do give him a follow!

4. Zulqarnain Sikandar

Top Pakistani Tiktok Influencers - Zulqarnain Sikandar

Zulqarnain Sikandar is a popular TikToker, who makes funny videos. He is very creative with his videos and has a large fan base. Zulqarnain has 2.3 million followers on TikTok and 90k+ hearts on his videos. Make sure you follow him, you cannot miss those expressions!

Zulqarnain Sikandar Official TikTok Profille

5. Reeja Jeelani

Top Pakistani Tiktok Influencers - Reeja Jeelani

Reeja Jeelani is a Pakistani TikToker who is loved by 436k+ followers. She has 3.6 million hearts on her videos and is a verified TikToker. Before TikTok, Rija rose to success through other similar video and photo mediums like Dubsmash and Instagram. She was also big on, which is not merged with TikTok.

Reeja Jeelani Official TikTok Profille

6. Usman Nasim

Top Pakistani Tiktok Influencers - Usman Nasim Famous Molvi

Usman Nasim is a viral TikToker in Pakistan. Almost every other video he posts makes it to other social media platforms. He sure does get a lot of people to smile with his witty and humorous content. Usman is a unique creator in Pakistan and urges users to connect with him through his hashtag #famousmolvi.

Usman has 2.7 million followers and 74.8 million likes on all his videos.

Malik Usman Famous Molvi Official TikTok Profille

7. Hareem Shah

Top Pakistani Tiktok Influencers - Hareem Shah

Hareem Shah is one TikTok-er who has put Pakistan on the map. She joined TikTok early on after the merger with and acquired 2.2 million ever since. She has 33.8 million hearts on her videos to date. Her content varies from tour, travel, food to song lip-syncs.

Hareem recently starred in Coca Cola Pakistan’s TVC with the likes of Adnan Siddiqui and Vaneeza Khan. It is safe to say that TikTok stars are a mile ahead in influencer marketing in Pakistan.

Hareem Shah Official TikTok Profille

8. Sundal Khattak

Top Pakistani Tiktok Influencers - Sundal Khattak

Sundal Khattak can be seen in Hareem Shah’s videos and vice versa, quite often. The duo is making waves with their videos in Pakistan. Sundal has 1.1 million followers and 12.2 million hearts on all her videos. Sundal, along with Hareem is invited to events around the world. She also posts sponsored videos on her profile now.

Brands, if you want to jump on the opportunity to go big on TikTok, these influencers must be on your list.

Sundal Khattak Official TikTok Profille

9. Ali Fayyaz

Top Pakistani Tiktok Influencers - Ali Fayyaz

His 2.1 million followers love him like we love Fawad Khan from Humsafar. Ali Fayyaz’s videos have 60.1 million hearts to date. Many describe him as ‘cool’ and ‘model’, and that is how he maintains his brand on TikTok. Ali has also gone big on Instagram and Snapchat.

Ali Fayyaz Official TikTok Profille

10. Ibrahim Khan

Top Pakistani Tiktok Influencers - Ibrahim Khan

The popular Pukhtoon creator Ibrahim Khan has 625.1k followers, with 7.2 million hearts on his videos. He has his own clothing shop, and makes TikTok videos in his spare time. He calls himself Ibrahimo, so do give him a follow!

Ibrahim Khan Official TikTok Profille

11. Alishba Anjum

Top Pakistani Tiktok Influencers - Alishba Anjum

Alishba Anjum is another popular actress and model who is on TikTok in Pakistan. She is widely known for her sense of style and catchy videos. TikTok has awarded the ‘Precious’ badge to Alishba for her creative videos as well. Alishba, also known as Lishay has 3.4 million followers on her verified TikTok profile. Do check out her content!

Alishba Anjum Official TikTok Profille

12. Areeka Haq

Top Pakistani Tiktok Influencers - Areeka Haq

Areeka Haq is another ‘celebrity’ TikTok creator in Pakistan. She is smart, funny and cute. Areeka can be a great addition to our drama and film industry, because her TikTok videos are a work of art. The 16 year old has more than 1.6 million followers on her profile.

Areeqa Haq Official TikTok Profille

13. Pinky Francis

Top Pakistani Tiktok Influencers - Pinky Francis

Pinky Francis is a top TikTok influencer in Pakistan. Not just Pakistan, she also has a huge fanbase in India. Pinky uses TikTok to post stylish videos and lip-syncs to musical beats. She has more than 1.5 million fans on her account, and they love her Punjabi take on all videos.

TikTok has awarded Pinky the ‘Precious’ badge for being a top comedian!

Pinky Francis Official TikTok Profille

14. Sehar Hayat

Top Pakistani Tiktok Influencers - Seher Hayyat

Sehar Hayyat is an actress and model in Pakistan. Her TikTok account has 3.4 million followers and fans. Sehar is also present on other social mediums like Instagram and YouTube. She also collaborates regularly with other TikTok stars of Pakistan. Collaborations are a great way to boost your engagement and following in Pakistan.

Sehar Hayyat Official TikTok Profille

15. Arbaaz Khan

Top Pakistani Tiktok Influencers - Arbaz Khan

TikTok gave this passionate singer the perfect platform. Meet Arbaz Khan, a singer and music producer from Pakistan. You can’t stop swaying at his musical videos on TikTok. His account has 395.7k followers and 4.8 million hearts. You can also find him on other social mediums like Instagram. Be a part of Arbaz Khan’s world on TikTok.

Arbaz Khan Official TikTok Profille

Time to get on TikTok, guys!

Brands and influencers, this update is for you. We know you are always looking for a breakthrough in your campaigns and content, and TikTok provides a great opportunity. Unlike other social mediums, TikTok has the right balance of both male and female influencers to partner with. You can find ways to creatively incorporate your brand message in TikTok videos, start today! Top Pakistani Tiktok Influencers

So, that is our roundup of top TikTok stars in Pakistan! Have we missed anyone? Let us know in the comments section and we will update our list. Are you new to TikTok? If you want to learn more, reach out to us so we can help out both brands and influencers about this new platform. Top Pakistani Tiktok Influencers Top Pakistani Tiktok Influencers