Popular Pakistani Celebrities starting their YouTube channels

Popular Pakistani Celebrities starting their YouTube channels

Popular Pakistani Celebrities starting their YouTube channels 890 500 Bradri.

For someone like us who is always glued to the internet, YouTube is an essential entity. We watch tutorials on it, cook food with its help and unlock new game levels with its help. Pakistani Celebrities YouTube

It’s not like YouTube is suddenly very popular and everyone wants to have a channel on it. Back when this website was a year old, it was already having 65k uploads and 100m views every day. Then there was a time when YouTube was banned in Pakistan and this is when the rest of the world hopped onto the ‘creator’ bandwagon.

Today, 75 percent adults watch YouTube on their phones and YouTube mobile ads get 84 percent more attention than TV ads.

PewDiePie, James Charles, Superwoman and so many names reached celeb status because of their popular channels and became billionaires with monetization and sponsorships. Pakistani Celebrities YouTube

Disrupting the disruptive creators & influencers

Since a year or two, YouTube fever has spread across our country. Now, everyone wants to become a YouTuber. However, only those who were dedicated are now celebs. Prominent examples include Mooroo, Irfan Junejo, and Ukhano.

Soon enough, these mega influencers were being covered in print and electronic media and handed huge sponsorship deals by brands. Influencers have already disrupted the showbiz industry and burst the bubble of celebrities by landing their own authority and a huge fanbase. Pakistani Celebrities YouTube

This led many celebs (and their PR teams) around the world to believe that it is time for them to embrace digital as well, and start a YouTube channel. Maybe it is an attempt to level the playing field or to stay relevant in the ‘woke’ era, but our celebrities are also in it to win it.

It’s all about the Content liked by the Audiences

Be it a zero-to-million influencer or a celeb-turned-YouTuber, we are really impressed with the content being produced right now. Production quality has improved, camera angles are not a nightmare in Elm street anymore and the audience is the main priority.

Be it a ‘what’s in my phone’ by Hina Altaf or Ramiz Raja reminiscing his playing days with Imran Khan and co, we are here for the stories and the storytelling. Pakistani Celebrities YouTube

Celebrities work and thrive in an environment which requires perfection and high standards, and its good that they bring this work ethic with them to the digital world. Pakistani Celebrities YouTube

Here are some celebs who plan on stealing the show with their YouTube game in Pakistan:

Hira Tareen

Former VJ and popular actress Hira Tareen has been active on YouTube for quite a while now. Her channel is mostly based on lifestyle/beauty videos and we see occasional vlogs here as well.

Ever since she has joined YouTube, Hira swears by trending video ideas like ‘what’s in my bag’ or ‘get ready with me’.

Hira’s channel has 24k+ subscribers, with every video gathering around 5-30k views.

Ayesha Omar

Everyone’s favorite ‘khoobsurat’ actress touched a great milestone in her career when she was invited by Maybelline to New York. A woman of multiple talents, Ayesha has so much to offer to the showbiz industry, and now is her time to rise and shine on YouTube.

After impressing everyone with her fitness journey a few years back, Ayesha has launched her YouTube channel where she started off with vlogs and lifestyle and then discussing how to stay active and eat healthily. Her channel is similar to supermodel Areeba Habib, who also posts vlogs and fitness videos.

Ayesha’s channel has 48k+ subscribers, with every video touching 30-100k views.

Nadia Khan

We all know her as the pioneer of morning shows in Pakistan. Nadia Khan once ruled our hearts and TV sets from 8 am till 10 pm on a local channel every morning. Although she left after starting the morning show trend, she has recently made her way back with another new trend- becoming a YouTuber.

Nadia Khan is an altogether different person now because she is a content creator and a pretty good one at it. She not only creates compelling videos but also finds ways to cross-promote these videos through her other social media profiles.

Her verified YouTube channel has 578k+ subscribers who can’t get enough of her beauty, lifestyle and fashion tips.

Shaista Lodhi

Shaista Lodhi is one of the most popular celebrities in Pakistan. She has worked on screen for many years, and now runs her own cosmetic clinic in Karachi and has been a strong ambassador of healthy living.

We don’t know how she gets the time to run it all because Shaista’s YouTube channel is more like a talk show nowadays. She invites friends from the industry to her show for a heart-to-heart conversation.

Her channel, called SL Digital has 129k+ subscribers and gets anywhere from 7-100k views. Her video with Maulana Tariq Jameel also went viral on Pakistani interwebs.

Shoaib Akhtar

Here’s a channel we all were waiting for. After an illustrious career as the premier fast bowler for Pakistan Cricket Team, Rawalpindi Express has become, wait for it, a verified YouTuber!

Shoaib Akhtar made his channel well in time before the World Cup, when each and every person discusses cricket on and offline. And guess what, he’s quickly hit a million subscribers- something non-celeb influencer spend days dreaming about.

This is the power of celebrity status in the YouTube world, if you have a fanbase from another social medium or showbiz, you are more likely to grow faster and close some expensive brand deals.

His channel has 1million+ subscribers, and each video is gathering 2-9 million views! Talk about our country’s love for cricketers.

Hina Altaf

The young actress has quickly made a place in the hearts of Pakistanis with her acting skills on prime time Drama serials. Being a young and fresh face of the industry, Hina Altaf is considered an influencer for the youth. So it came as no surprise when she started her YouTube channel.

Funny and witty Hina’s YouTube channel is a mix of lifestyle, travel, beauty and fashion. These are topics closest to the heart of any teenage girl, who are Hina’s target audiences. We also noticed that Hina has been posting sponsored videos as well.

Hina’s channel has 88k+ subscribers and gets 50-110k views on average.

Hania Amir

The cute and classy actress has also found her way to YouTube, and even though the channel is new, we predict that it will grow quickly. Hania Amir has a large fanbase in Pakistan, and the younger lot tends to follow her each move.

Hania’s YouTube channel has only two videos yet, we sense that she won’t be very regular with it as long as she’s busy with shoots and work. Still, she has 124k+ subscribers and 1,311,739 total views.

Najam Sethi

Pakistan Cricket Board’s former chairman is now a popular YouTuber. The website gives everyone a platform to stage their opinions and Mr Sethi is here to claim it. His channel is fairly new and revolves around politics and sports with a focus on youth.

His channel has 36k+ subscribers and gets 4-10k views on each video. We have been noticing a growing trend of politics journalists taking over YouTube, another example is Talat Hussain who also started his channel called ‘STH’ a while ago.

Yahya Hussaini

The sports journalist and host from Geo Super has also jumped on the YouTube bandwagon, and no timing could have been better than the World Cup to give his videos a boost!

Yahya Hussaini has taken to YouTube to voice his opinion about mostly cricket-related news. His channel is 2 weeks old as we speak, and has been getting some attention from cricket fans desperate for insider news on the cricket team, etc.

Samina Peerzada

The ever so graceful TV actress has left a lasting impression on our hearts. With her beautiful acting in various top dramas, Samina Peerzada remains an evergreen talent to date. We have not been seeing her in a lot of dramas lately, because she is running her own YouTube channel.

The channel is run by her agency, and her show has been getting a lot of attention from the internet audience. The ‘Samina Peerzada Show’ is sponsored by Fair & Lovely, and it is a heart-to-heart talk show with the most prominent celebs from Pakistan.

Because it is the power of one celebrity who brings a new celebrity onboard in every video. The numbers of her videos are performing really well. Her channel has 478k+ subscribers and a total of 54,950,401 views have been recorded on the channel.

What does it mean for brands?

There is no end to content and no such end to the list of celebs who are shifting to YouTube. As a brand, you now have more avenues to explore when marketing your product or service. You can plan a campaign with micro-influencers or go big with celebs-turned-YouTubers.  Influencer marketing is a gift that keeps on giving.

At Creators Bradri, we have a huge community of influencers from home and abroad, so if you need the best team for your upcoming campaign, reach out!