Top 10 Travel Vloggers and Youtubers from Pakistan

Top 10 Travel Vloggers and Youtubers from Pakistan

Top 10 Travel Vloggers and Youtubers from Pakistan 890 500 Bradri.

Travel vloggers are booming on Youtube and Pakistan has no exceptions. There can’t be a better way to engage in new experiences than to travel the world. And sharing your travel adventures on Youtube can make it even memorable.

Travel vloggers introduced us to the enchanted territories as we never seen before. With their storytelling and personal experiences, they inspire people to take the leap and start with their own travel plans. No wonder millennials are traveling way more than their predecessors.

Pakistan travelers are also taking full advantage of this new age online space.  They are creating and sharing their travel memories with the world on Youtube and Instagram.

We have created a list of Top 10 Pakistani Travel vloggers who are creating exquisite content on their Youtube channels. Follow them and get inspired, who knows you might be the next travel vlogger in our next list.

  1. Flying To World with Abdul Wali


Flying to World is the undoubtedly the well-deserved leader of the pack of Pakistani Travel Vloggers.  Abdul Wali is our host as he takes us to his international expeditions on a very regular basis.  With over 300 videos and around 115K subscribers on Youtube, he secures the #1 spot on our list.

The best thing about this channel that Abdul provides us with useful information about how one can plan and process their traveling plans to farfetched destinations like Africa, Far East, and the Middle Eastern countries.  He provides the best budget traveling advice for Pakistani Travelers with his own experiences and guidance.

Wali also manages an extremely informative travel website along with his YouTube Channel which provides guidance for Visa processing, Package bookings and Interesting itineraries for Pakistani Travelers, and this makes him the best travel influencer from Pakistan.

Fly To World - YouTube Channel


Ukhano - Umer-Khan

Umar Khan aka UKHANO comes as a runner-up with his crafty editing styles and breathtaking visuals on his YouTube Channel.  He started his content creation process from Instagram where he posted mostly about his life at NCA Lahore and Filmmaking techniques etc.  His Instagram page has a solid 100k+ following with a high engagement rate.  Later moved to YouTube to become the 3rd most sighted name after Mooroo and Junejo when it comes to creates visually stunning content from Pakistan.

He started his YouTube channel as a personal vlogging platform, but with time his focus has been more precise towards travel vlogging.  He recently did his first international trip to Thailand and what an amazing vlog that was, if you haven’t seen it yet I would highly recommend to give it a shot for the visuals.  Mostly he wandered domestically around Pakistan and showing us the amazing/beautiful/soulful side of Pakistan

Ukhano - YouTube Channel

3. Shariq Raza


Shariq Raza is a Abu Dhabi born Pakistani, who currently lives in Australia.  He has traveled and explored more than 28 countries thus far, and has shared a lot of interesting videos of his adventures on his YouTube Channel. He currently has a following of about 14,310 on YouTube which is growing day by day.

Shariq is one of those Pakistani YouTubers, who have stamped himself as a Traveler and he is not trying to do a lot of things at once on his channel.  The camera work, color grading, drone shots, transformations, and editing is top notch and he excels in making his videos visually appealing.  He recently came to Pakistan and creating an 11 minute video on his travel from Karachi to Khunjerab.

Shariq Raza - YouTube Channel

4. Paki on the go


Saad aka Paki on the Go created his YouTube Channel back in December 2017 and now has around 9,000 followers as his popularity is taking a steep upward turn.  He is also managing an Instagram page which has breathtaking pictures, do follow it.

In his 25 videos, he has shown both local and international travel scenes and has collaborated with a couple of local and foreign YouTubers too.  His videos have both a story and relevant information regarding the destination he is exploring.  We wish Saad to keep on the great work and keep on entertaining us with his informative videos.

Paki on the go - Youtube Channel

5. Pirusaein


Pir Faraz Ali aka Pirusaein is a local photographer cum YouTuber cum Travel Agency owner cum Irfan Junejo’s friend.. He recently came into lime light due to his collaboration with Irfan Junejo on various different projects including PSL Islamabad United and Honor Mobile Phones.

His YouTube channel has been around since 2010 but it’s just recently that his channel has grown with a following of 6 thousand plus subscribers. His content is all about traveling and he excels with his visuals and storytelling. Follow Pirusaein to see what’s happening in his world.

pirusaien - Youtube Channel

6. Being a traveler


Being a traveler is run by a dude named Bilal Azam, but no one knows who Bilal Azam is as there is little to no information about him on his channel.  Content wise the channel has great potential and the videos are well shot and edited.  It is only because of the quality of the content the channel has managed to grow a decent following of 3,500 followers.  However, the creator is not consistent with the quantity of content he uploads on his channel.

Being around for more than 2 years now the channel only has a handful of videos with the last video uploaded around 6 months back.  We would like to see more from this interesting traveler, if not he might not be able it to the list next time around.

Being a traveler - YouTube Channel

7. Jehanzaib Zia

Jehanzaib Zia

Jehanzeb Zia’s Youtube Channel is a hidden gem in the Pakistani Travel Vlogging scene.  Jehanzeb from Lahore is consistent with both quality and quantity.  His videos are filled with great videography and equally good background scores and relatively nice editing too.

It’s disappointing to see that all his hard work and more than 124 videos, he still has a mere following.  C’mon guys show some love to Jehanzeb Zia as he deserves all of it. Follow him on YouTube so he can climb up this list.

Jehanzaib Zia - YouTube Channel

8. Usman Zubair


Usman Zubair is a Freelance Filmmaker and Cinematographer from Pakistan.  He makes videos for his YouTube channel along with the short films he creates with his paid assignments and man his videos are awesome.

Usman is more popular on Instagram as he enjoys quite some following on that platform.  He also manages to give us breathtaking shots and short videos on Instagram and it seems like his comfort zone to us.  Keep up the great stuff and keep your content coming our way.

Usman Zubair - YouTube Channel

9. aabbiidd


Aabbidd is a travel photographer from Pakistan, and he recently started his YouTube channel.  THAT’S ALL WE KNOW!!!

We would like to know more about this extremely talented photographer and videographer.  We hope in the coming days he will interact more with us via his growing YouTube Channel.

aabbiidd - YouTube Channel

10. Rana Salal Ali


Rana Salal Ali is another not so familiar travel YouTuber from Karachi, Pakistan.  He is a FAST graduate and wandering along enchanted territories.  We love the way he shot his short films without fancy gadgetry and flashy editing.

His content seems natural and heartwarming. But he needs to show some consistency in uploading content on a regular basis.

Rana Salal Ali - YouTube Channel