Here’s how Pakistani Beauty Bloggers are upping their content game

Here’s how Pakistani Beauty Bloggers are upping their content game

Here’s how Pakistani Beauty Bloggers are upping their content game 890 500 Bradri.

They are skilled, they are beautiful, and they are the first to learn from global trends in their field. Pakistani beauty bloggers are one amazing community, and their work is making waves in the influencer marketing industry.

Existing in the same world as Jeffrey Star or Kylie Jenner is not easy, there are so much competition and so little room for mistakes. In the first few months, people might not even be interested in your content. Our beauty bloggers wake up every day and nurture their platforms with all their might.

For those who have put much work, a loyal fanbase has gathered. These fans become the target audience for any brand who wants to work with you as an influencer. We are delighted to see that both our brands and beauty bloggers have taken their game up a notch and impressed their fans and critics with quality campaigns/content.

Let’s take a lot at some ways in which our beauty bloggers are acing it like no other!

Meet & Greets

Beauty blogger meetups are a popular trend in our beauty blogging community. Since this niche requires much dedication from influencers, only a few people make it far. These bloggers have now made a name for themselves and are invited to beauty meet and greet by cosmetic and lifestyle brands.

One such brand is Vegas Store. It is a one-stop-shop for all international beauty brands, catering to fashion and makeup enthusiasts. Since fake makeup is a huge concern, Vegas Store promises 100% original products under one roof.

Vegas is a pioneer in influencer marketing and coming up with new ideas to involve Pakistani beauty bloggers. They recently held a meet & greet to celebrate their store’s first anniversary. Prominent bloggers and makeup artists attended this event and showed their love for the original products.

Celebrities and influencers join forces

Another rising trend in this community is the celebs and beauty bloggers joining hands to create content and promote brands. Who would have thought that influencers would work hard and get as popular as celebrities!

Maybelline Pakistan was one of the first brands to give influencers and celebrities a stage to share their mutual love for makeup. Ayesha Omar, Maybelline’s ambassador in Pakistan, joined hands with Jadirah Sarmad, a local beauty blogger to host the launch of a new product in Karachi.

The duo visited Maybelline’s Kiosk at Dolmen Mall and entertained their fans and incoming customers with information about the latest Maybelline products.

Another instance where we noticed the celeb and influencer crossover is when a beauty blogger Wardah was invited by a local magazine to try some funky cover looks on the drama actress Saboor Aly. When two extremely talented artists come together, the resulting content is top-notch.

Social media has given these skilled individuals a platform to showcase their skills and receive due credit. It also creates opportunities like the ones mentioned above. Internet influencer has already blurred the line between celebs and influencers, so we can enjoy good content as long as this lasts.

Collaborations with Brands

Small and medium businesses have flourished by partnering with beauty and lifestyle bloggers on Instagram and Facebook. These businesses get a shout-out from influencers by sending them a PR package that contains their product.

PR packages are the oldest trick in the influencer game, but there are so many ways to create content with PR packages and our influencers have worked it out. For example, Fatima Irfan of Glossips adds the link of the brand’s website in her Instagram story. Anyone who likes the product can swipe up, go to the product page and buy.

Beauty and lifestyle blogger Sophiya Salim Khan’s friendship with supermodel Rehmat Ajmal has now started impressing local brands. Makeup and clothing brands are collaborating with both these influencers for their product launches, PR packages and more. Zara Shahjahan’s latest collection has both the girls as models.

No Holds Barred Makeup Tutorials

So you thought only foreign beauty influencers could do professional makeup tutorials?

This is the skill in which our beauty bloggers excel and thrive by every passing day. Be it a daily makeup look or a Halloween look, you will now find a tutorial for everything on your favorite Pakistani beauty blogger’s YouTube or Instagram.

Dua Siddiqui runs her YouTube channel where she posts regular makeup tutorials about every makeup item that is popular in the market. She posts about local brands, international brands and also films tutorials as requested by her subscribers.

Bloggers like Ayesha are exploring new video platforms like IGTV to post short and sweet tutorials. It’s safe to say that our beauty blogging community is not afraid of venturing into the unknown and investing in channels that are comparatively new to the Pakistani audience.

Personal beauty brands

There is still a lot of work to do in this, but our beauty bloggers have administered the need to produce their own beauty brands. You must have heard of Beautify by Amna’s 24K gold serum that made waves in the beauty blogging community for months. They have also introduced other products like lashes and makeup in the market. Lifestyle and beauty blogger Alina has now launched her own clothing store called Mood by Alina.

Last word

We are happy to see our influencer community touching new heights of popularity with their sheer skill and consistency. Just like every startup does not evolve into a multi-million dollar business, every Instagrammer/YouTuber does not become a household name.

Pakistan’s media industry has also started taking tips from local influencers because these individuals are not scared of trying out new things. We expect a lot of celeb – influencer collabs in the future, stronger brand partnerships and even some new skincare brands brought forward by beauty bloggers.

If you are a beauty brand looking for the best bloggers to work with, we can connect you with the best in business. Let’s reach out to the stars!

Featured Photo credits:  @ablazemmama