Top 10 IGTV Channels From Pakistan

Top 10 IGTV Channels From Pakistan

Top 10 IGTV Channels From Pakistan 890 500 Bradri.

IGTV Pakistan hasn’t become a swag symbol yet, but soon it will be.  Instagram launched IGTV in early 2018, and it changed the way we consume video content. Pakistani Content Creators understands the importance and jumped on the bandwagon by creating their channels on IGTV.

We have started to see some good quantities and quality work coming IGTV’s way from Pakistani Creators Community and though we are still in our early days. we can see some prominent IGTV channels from Pakistan

Here we have created a list of the Top 10 IGTV channels which are poised for success as IGTV start making big waves around the globe.

Samaa TV IGTV channel is topping our list as it hosts a whopping 919K subscribers and a stream of amazing videos tailor-made to support the IGTV video format.

The famous news broadcasting network has realized the potential in IGTV and has invested heavily in becoming the most prominent creator from Pakistan.

We tried to find out but seems like all other media houses are not taking many advantages of this new video consumption medium.

FoodFusion - Top Pakistani YouTubers

Food Fusion, the most prominent and loved food network from Pakistan is also on IGTV, sharing their ever tempting recipes and food videos on the platform.

Food videos are the biggest buzz of 2018 and there’s a plethora of Food bloggers and vloggers jumping upside down in the space. However Food Fusion remains the most watched and loved Food Channel on many different social platforms, and they are some of the few Pakistani creators that have jumped on IGTV to rule this relevantly new video platform.

FHM Pakistan is one of the biggest entertainment and lifestyle portals from Pakistan, with over 1 million followers on Instagram they have a celebrated following.  They have started with IGTV videos and taken the ranks of one of the biggest IGTV channels from Pakistan.

Aisha S Alam, a famous hijabi blogger from Islamabad is next on our list. She recently starts producing videos for IGTV. She posts about Hijabs, product unboxing and shampoo’s on her IGTV channel.

Ms. Alam also hosts a Youtube channel and hopefully, IGTV will see a lot of similar content in coming times. Check out her blog here.

UKHANO started his content creation process from Instagram then conquer the YouTubes and now back to IGTV.  His Instagram page has a solid 100k+ following with a high engagement rate, which automatically converts into a great fan following on IGTV platform.

He is mostly reusing the content he has already produced on Youtube but he’s being active on IGTV something most of the popular creators are missing out right now.  We wish Umar Khan, the best of luck with his efforts on IGTV.

Sadaf Zarrar, a seasoned marketer and lifestyle coach is practicing what she does best and that is keeping up with the latest trends.  She is one of the very few who start producing content for IGTV and now her channel is full of a beautiful looking video stream.

Sadaf also has a lifestyle blog with the name SiddySays and she is the Integrated Marketing Manager at Coca Cola.  She’s a lady with many hats and she’s acing whatever she’s doing lately.  Awesome stuff!!!

Next is the energetic Mahvish Ahmad on our list. She’s a mom of 2 and an economics lecturer at IBA with an interest in Beauty and Lifestyle blogging.. Bizzare right? go watch her IGTV videos she recently started to publish and you will be amazed by the energy she has in those small videos.

We are hoping she keeps on throwing these Sushmita Sen vibes (Mein Hoon Na reference) on her IGTV and keep on growing on the platform.

The Vertical Oxygen is the Pakistani version of the Misfits. They are gaining popularity with their vertically shot funny snippets they through every now and then on their social media channels including IGTV.

As they primarily shot on portrait mode, the IGTV video mode suits them the best and one can see the best use of this mode by TVO in their videos. They are heavily poised to climb the list sooner than later.

Risham Faiz Bhutta is a local artist and entertainer, actively submitting content to Instagram and IGTV. She makes funny life stories for her IGTV channel with a vlog feeling to it.

Check out her IGTV channel to know more about her talents and follow her if you like it.

Tehreem Pasha is the person behind the IGTV channel @artteefied. She is a Dubai-based Pakistani artist who is busy exercising her amazing artistic abilities and creating amazing calligraphy and Islamic artwork.

She posts regularly on her IGTV channel, taking us back to the thought process behind creating an art piece. You go girl and you follow the girl everyone.

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