7 Content Mistakes Pakistani Social Media Influencers Should Avoid in 2020

7 Content Mistakes Pakistani Social Media Influencers Should Avoid in 2020

7 Content Mistakes Pakistani Social Media Influencers Should Avoid in 2020 890 500 Bradri.

You can’t wear the same shoes from childhood to adulthood. Similarly, you can’t carry on with an outdated content strategy for a lifetime. We are here to open the curtains and replace the dried flowers with fresh Pakistani roses (they smell better than any roses in the world!). 2020 is a few weeks away, let’s get ready!

Before you move on to the next year with the same old content plans, we want you to go through this post. Decide if you current content creation process is fit to survive 2020. Look into the trends and examples of brands and creators who ‘made it big’ this year.  The defining factor would always be content.

Content still remains one of the most underrated marketing strategies of today. With this marketing trick up your sleeve, you can outshine any competitor, no matter how big.

Here are 10 pointers explaining why content is important and what you need to do differently next year.

Insufficient research in Pakistani Content

All the influencers, this is for you- if you think that your followers are people like you, you are wrong. Having insufficient research about your target audience can land you in hot waters in 2020. How can you make content that sells when you don’t know your audience?

Even if it is 2 posts a week, make them as well-researched as possible. A big example of this is influencer campaigns that engage different influencers for a topic that does not match their niche. So, if I am engaging a lifestyle influencer for a technology conference, it needs to have relevance or else my followers will not like it.

If Jeff Bezos can build America’s biggest ecommerce company based on customer preferences, you can build your brand this way too.

Lack of focus

Brands and influencers bent on gathering more likes and following forget to focus on the best. You need to highlight the main parts of your brand through your content. if you keep diversifying the circle, you will remain confused and create lackluster content.

Take a leaf out of American YouTuber Liza Koshy’s book. She has an account for promoting her work and one for posting monotone photos on Instagram. She is able to focus on one thing that defines her content, so it doesn’t confuse people. This is in addition to Liza’s YouTube channel. We are not suggesting that you also run three parallel accounts.

Start by asking the following questions

  • Which topic is my best area of expertise?
  • How can I educate my audience on the topic I love?
  • What can I do differently in my area of expertise?

These questions will help you narrow down more specific prerequisites for great content. Pakistani content creators

Not optimizing for mobile

In the age of mobile technology, the worst thing to do is to not build content for smartphones and tablets. This includes websites, videos, and static content. If you do not know where to begin, you can start by asking yourself if a piece of content is looking good on your or a friend’s phone/tablet.

Even ecommerce websites are now shifting to mobile optimization. This is one trend that will pick up pace next year. Large chunk of text on a tiny Instagram visual is also a no-no. Design minimal visuals and keep your feed clutter-free.

Not utilizing Calls to Action (CTAs)

Content done right brings you a lot of traffic, but what are you doing with that traffic? Pakistani content creators

If you do not use this traffic in your favor, you are going to lose out on so many opportunities. Leverage this traffic to get more conversions on anything, from getting more referrals, selling an ebook, signing people up for your newsletter, etc.

Even an Instagram or Facebook page can also have a call to action. Ask people to follow your other platforms, sign a petition, sign up for earlybird discounts, etc. Pakistani content creators

Brands can use Calls to Action to boost up their ROI. Social media combined with calls to action is a good ROI building move. Pakistani content creators


Many Pakistanis try to run their social media platforms as ‘influencers’ but only a few succeed. One of the biggest reasons behind this is inconsistency. If you do not have a plan, you cannot stay in the game for long.

We suggest building a detailed content plan, and a scheduling plan. Build these at least one or two weeks earlier than the posting time. This way, you can have time to amend, improve or add better things to your content.

Not reflecting

When things are not working, you feel like giving up. You look at that highly popular blogger’s profile whose photos also show up in the Explore feed. That’s when you need to pause and reflect. No one has the same life as you, or the same schedule as you.

Rather than following the rat race, look at how you can improve. If it takes you a week to edit a video, take a week. But, post a wonderful video that satisfies your thought process. Whenever you feel you are losing direction, just pause and think.

This simple act will save you from repeating the same mistakes over and over again. Plus, you will return to work with a fresh mind and inspiration.

Not using data

All popular social mediums offer free analytics to creator accounts. Websites can utilize the power of Google Analytics to mark their progress. This data is extremely useful for your content strategy. Suppose you are posting great content on your feed, but it gets minimal engagement. One area to look is in posting times.

Analytics can tell you the right time of posting, and the best audience to post for. Data is going to be even powerful in 2020. Organizations are building entire business models based on data-driven learning. Our advice: make friends with the analytics section as soon as you can!

Keep going!

We believe in your ideas, content and direction. You are on your way to become the next big Pakistani social media influencer! However, this success will sustain itself if you keep your eyes and ears open for new trends.

All social websites come up with one new feature or the other. Your finger should be on the pulse, so you make no mistakes anymore! If you need help in partnering with more brands and influencers, reach out and we will help you take it up a notch!