How Huawei Created Hype Around Y7 Prime with Pakistani Influencers

How Huawei Created Hype Around Y7 Prime with Pakistani Influencers

How Huawei Created Hype Around Y7 Prime with Pakistani Influencers 890 500 Bradri.

Reliable endorsements by Pakistani influencers are more important to a brand’s success, compared to an expensive celebrity-endorsed advertisement. However, identifying the key influencers who can get you that mileage is key. If you are a brand competing for more business in the digital world of today, influencer marketing is the best route.

Huawei is one brand in Pakistan that chose influencer marketing to promote their current and upcoming products and reach their market in the most effective way. The Y7 Prime is a new product of Huawei, for which the company collaborated with the most popular names in Pakistan’s digital influencer’s network and set some examples for other brands to follow.

Normally, a smartphone brand would post the device to an influencer and wait for them to come up with a long list of things (mostly in favor) they found out after using it. Kudos to the people at Huawei, they let the influencers choose how they want to make their phone reviews, and this is what happened:

Influencers Selected for the Campaign

Based on the popularity, Mooroo, Ukhano and Muzamil Hasan were chosen to review the Y7 Prime, which was not even fully released in the market at that time. It added the novelty factor to their reviews because they were using something others didn’t even get their hands upon.

Without further delay, let’s look at how three different ways were used to review the same phone.

Taimoor Salahuddin – Mooroo

Taimoor Salahuddin aka Mooroo is widely known as an amazing videographer and storyteller. His songs aren’t any less of a masterpiece either. He released a video and humbly titled it as his ‘first tech review’. He also called out ‘Xeetechcare’ during the video and accepted that the tech blogger would prepare a better review, and that Mooroo’s review is solely based on his own experience.


When you go through the six and a half minute review, you won’t feel bored at all. That’s because Mooroo announces in the beginning that he is going to give the phone away to someone who could guess its five important features correctly.


Next, the influencer himself describes how the Y7 Prime is an amazing phone for its cost, and how other competing brands don’t come close to its camera performance and display. He also explains from a videographer’s perspective that the phone is pretty good at video-making and editing. Mooroo makes it all seem more understandable than any phone review you have ever read on


In the end, Mooroo also explains some flaws in the device (not faults, just potential upgrade options), which you will find very helpful if you were to buy the Y7 Prime. The review ends with Mooroo gifting the phone to someone who guessed all the features correctly. Simple, and honest- this was a job well done!

Umar Khan – Ukhano

Many of Ukhano’s followers like him for his adventure and travel vlogs. Using the same theme for the Y7 Prime, Ukhano teaches his loyal ‘Ukhan Army’ how they can also start vlogging through ‘just a phone’.

On the target

Because he knows his target audience well, Ukhano hits home when he says that the Y7 Prime is the most suitable phone for a youngster who can’t afford expensive gear. This is the target market of Huawei in general, people who need a good phone but don’t have 200,000 to pay for it.


The content of this review hardly seems like a paid review, because Ukhano mixed it with scenes of his graduation. He plays with the idea of being a youngster who has just graduated and needs a nice phone. He also tells you that if anyone asks you why you are pursuing your passion, you should ask them ‘why not’. The ‘why’ fits rightly with the Y7 Prime and that’s Ukhano’s review for you.


The influencer takes his Y7 Prime to skate topsy-turvy terrains and then explains that the camera works just fine regardless of the terrain. He then goes to the busy Anarkali bazaar and tells you that the mic works well even in busy androon streets. Huawei’s small victory is in convincing the youth that a smartphone can launch their vlogging career.

Muzamil Hasan

Muzamil’s followers know him as the ‘guy from Lolz Studios’ or Humna Raza’s husband. The couple is pretty popular on Instagram, and that is what makes it even better for an upcoming phone brand to explore this opportunity of Instagram influencer marketing in Pakistan.


Full marks to Muzamil for being creative with his review and not letting the whole review seem like a boring, paid campaign. Muzamil announced before Valentines Day on his Instagram story that he wants to buy his wife a new phone, but he is not sure which one. He also opens the floor for his followers to suggest him and keep it hidden from Humna, as a secret. People started suggesting him iPhone XS Max, upon which another update came from Muzamil. He told his followers that he is not in search of an expensive phone, he wants a phone which fits his budget of 30-40k and works good for an Instagram influencer like Humna.


Many people replied to Muzamil’s question and suggested him the Y7 Prime. He posted a screenshot of this and thanked them for the awesome suggestion but that’s not it. He challenged himself to do a 30-second review of the phone on his Instagram story, and that he did! Nothing in this was boring or fake.

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The outcomes of this activity

A little overview of the follower base of these three influencers:

  • Mooroo: 1,166,922 overall (Fb, Insta, YT)
  • Ukhano: 384,558 overall (Fb, Insta, YT)
  • Muzamil: 331,770 overall (Fb, Insta, YT)

The combined reach from these influencers are: 1,883,250 (excluding engagement, shares and reposts) 

Choosing these influencers was a good call, considering their authority and influencer on the market. All points are given to the creativity of these three, the resulting content was unlike any conventional phone review and ended up being entertaining at the same time. (Seriously, how many of you smile and nod while looking at a phone review?)