How to promote your brand with Influencers this shaadi season

How to promote your brand with Influencers this shaadi season

How to promote your brand with Influencers this shaadi season 890 500 Bradri.

Social media has changed almost every field of life, but a massive shift has happened in the wedding industry. Call it a massive boom, because weddings in the digital age are ‘not coming slow.’ Pakistani social media influencers can help you maximize your brand’s visibility if you seize the opportunity to market a product naturally.

Pakistani YouTuber and Instagram creators those get married in 2018:

  • Taimoor Salahuddin (Mooroo)
  • Faiza Saleem
  • Nadir Ali (P4Pakao)
  • Hammad Abbasi (The Idotz)
  • Irfan Junejo (About to get married early 2019)
  • Pir Faraz (Pirusaein)

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The best example from the sub-continent today is of Sabyasachi, who has clothed every big name who got married in India. They even put a sherwani on Nick Jonas! The whole world is talking about Sabyasachi’s rough-cut diamond jewelry and heavily embellished lehngas because the brand seized the opportunity to market themselves on weddings.

Now take a step back and look at Pakistani bloggers who are in this for the long run. You will find many dedicated influencers, bloggers and vloggers who have now made it a full-time job and are doing pretty well in it. Most of them got married recently, and many will tie the knot in the coming seasons, so why not strike a deal that is beneficial for both parties?

In this post we will showcase some of the most popular influencer weddings and celebrations from Pakistan and show you where you can fit your brand in a subtle but influential way:

Pitching in clothes

Just like Sabyasachi’s example, any clothing brand from Pakistan can benefit from the immense publicity that will be earned through marketing apparel. One of the most popular influencer weddings this season was of the comedian Faiza Saleem. She got married in Karachi, when the weather was cool and crisp. All the famous names were seen in the multiple wedding festivities. Here are some clicks from the star-studded wedding.

Faiza, being the social media queen she is, tagged all the brands she wore on the wedding. While we don’t know if any sponsorship was involved, it is a great tip for new clothing brands or rookie designers to create some buzz about their designs by pitching it to an influencer like Faiza before their wedding.

It doesn’t only have to be the bride and groom. You can chat with popular names who are going to attend the wedding and dress them, because ‘what are you wearing’ is one of the most asked questions by a celeb or an influencer.

The clothing brand Kami Studio collaborated with celebrities like Mansha Pasha and benefited from the cross-promotion of Faiza’s wedding.

Faiza was the coolest bride because she wore sneakers on her wedding. It is groundbreaking for a girl to wear shoes of any kind with her lehnga in Pakistan. Faiza has been named the coolest bride of the season. Now imagine if a shoe brand from Pakistan had sponsored the most bedazzling shoes, would they not have gotten some amazing limelight?

You have to keep your eyes on the influencers who can get you the most mileage, and grab the opportunity to pitch your brand.

You can keep an eye on popular Instagram influencers in wedding season and offer to dress them to their best for a shoutout. Sophiya Salim Khan, the owner of Sassy Store, looks glamorous in a Hussain Rehar outfit while attending a wedding event.

We don’t know if this is a collaboration, but if it is, kudos to Hussain Rehar or any other brand for marketing their wedding collection through popular Pakistani Instagrammers.

Photography services

Carrying on with the previous example, Faiza Saleem chose Abdus Samad Zia wedding photography to capture her events. Of course, the brand got a lot of publicity for working on a high profile wedding.

Faiza looks absolutely gorgeous in this shoot, and brides-to-be would be spamming the inbox of Abdus Samad Zia photography, to book a slot for their wedding! While photography is a service and requires its just compensation, we are not advising you to do it for free.

You can pitch it to the influencer before the wedding and give them some special discounts. Furthermore, you can also discount people who contact you through the influencer’s wedding. Abdus Samad Zia weddings is the name everyone will remember this season, because they also shot this now viral photograph of popular vlogger ‘Mooro’ with his wife.

Seems like it was the wedding season of the biggest influencers in Pakistan, because Mooro’s wedding day was the same day as Faiza Saleem’s reception! The photographers also got featured on The News for their skills and professionalism.

Taimur Salahuddin himself did a wedding blog and it was not sponsored! WHAT? where are all the BRANDS are?

Another Instagram influencer Pirusaen got married in December. Since Piru himself is a photographer, anyone covering his wedding would instantly become a direct photography endorsement for Piru’s followers on Instagram. The talented people at Haseeb Amjad Studios won the endorsement by creating beautiful portraits and candids of the couple who had a wedding hashtag #PirDija.

Associating your brand with Pakistani influencers can get you more recognition. Pir Faraz was happy with the photography, as he has commented on one of the photos posted by Haseeb Amjad Studios.

Catering and decoration services

Caterers also don’t have to provide free services for a wedding, but they can always extend a gesture of thankfulness or design a deal that is the most profitable for both parties.

Sham Idrees is not from Pakistan, but the guy is a known name in Pakistani vloggers community. Here is Sham thanking the company for making his engagement cake:

If I was a die-hard fan of Sham Idrees, I’d go to the Cake Architects and request them to make my engagement cake too! This is the power of social media influencers. Seems like Sham is not going to slow down with brand endorsements. Here he is with his bride-to-be, receiving her wedding dress from a Pakistani boutique:

And here he is thanking the company that created a beautiful backdrop for his wedding stage:

There are so many ideas when event management or decoration is on the agenda. Karachi Vynz boys have declared here that their first wicket is down, a.k.a the first person from their group recently had their Nikah.

If you are looking for potential sponsorship/collabs, their entire group is up for grabs ????

The Idotz also publically celebrates a wedding of their key player.   They were so excited they release a series of vlogs on their official YouTube channel covering the whole wedding including all events.

Other services

Honestly, it doesn’t have to be photography, catering, and cakes. You can pitch ANYTHING if you are clever enough. Careem, the popular ride-hailing service from Pakistan is always thinking out of the box. The company made it to the news when they created a customized promo for a couple’s wedding in Karachi!

We have all used promos to go to food festivals and concerts, but for the first time, Careem offered a customized promo for wedding guests who had to make it to Adeeqa and Careem’s wedding venue. If this doesn’t strengthen your belief in influencer marketing, nothing will!


It’s not a bad thing to get married in the digital age. Social media can be a great tool when planning your wedding. Here are the benefits of social media when planning a wedding:

Sharing the experience

Facebook and Instagram enable us to share moments and experiences with people who we may not be seeing anytime soon. This is an excellent platform to showcase your festivities, give and receive some love on your big day. People share the news on Facebook when they get engaged, buy a house together or even when they propose.

Moreover, there are Facebook Groups that can be kept secret only to your loved ones for planning wedding activities and coordinate easily. Groups also provide the option to go live from anywhere in the world, and make people join in the fun! This way, people who can’t attend, also get to become a part of your wedding.

Gathering ideas

Ever heard of Pinterest? It can be a bride’s best friend. There have been reports of grooms throwing a ‘Pinterest board inspired’ party for their brides just because they love all the amazing inspiration. If you and your significant other want the freshest ideas about weddings of today, social media is the place to go. There is so much happening everyday, and every little thing can spark your creativity further.

Couple on a budget? Social media is there for you. Want to throw a themed wedding? Just a search away on Pinterest. Want to plan a destination wedding? Search on Facebook. Not only can you gather ideas, you can also approach others to ask them how they did it and how you can find the best deals.

Last word

Thanks to social media, the pressure to plan a perfect wedding is getting real. But at the same time, you have the whole world at your feet to do it in the best and most affordable way! The key is to put things in perspective, set your priorities right and choose things that truly spark joy in your lives as a couple.

For brands, it is time you stand up and face the music. These influencers are the future of digital marketing, and they are rapidly changing the way a product is endorsed and promoted on the interwebs. Follow the tips mentioned above to maximize your brand reach in Pakistani audience.

Next in line…

Irfan Junejo is a celebrity vlogger from Pakistan, and rumor has it that he is going to tie the knot soon. If we are to believe this Instagram post, the vlogger himself has hinted, and we predict, that another popular wedding is in the pipeline. Here he has announced going on a diet befor the wedding (any food/fitness brands would like to approach him?). You know the rest, let’s make some noise!