Where to Find Influencers to Endorse Your Business in Pakistan

Where to Find Influencers to Endorse Your Business in Pakistan

Where to Find Influencers to Endorse Your Business in Pakistan 890 500 Bradri.

Influencer Marketing landscape in Pakistan

Over the years digital marketing has gone through massive transformations, and Influencer Marketing is the rave nowadays.  In Pakistan, influencer marketing has also started to pick momentum as it already started to reap fruits for some of the early adaptors in the local market.  More businesses are ready to adopt influencer marketing, to market their businesses and services in 2019.

However, there’s a visible lack of quality influencers and content creators.  Those can work with brands to help them convey the brand’s message to the masses.  Good news is that there are many upcoming nano and micro influencers on Instagram and YouTube from Pakistan. As they are trying to establish themselves as far as their international counterparts and with time this deficiency would be negligible.

The challenge of finding the right Influencers for your business

It’s no denying that a successful influencer marketing campaign needs the right influencers to drive the required results.  Yet, it is not easy to find the right influencers those can bond and work with your brand.  In fact, the most common challenge faced by Pakistani businesses of all sizes is to find the right influencers.  As businesses are ready to bump-up their efforts and budgets in digital and influencer marketing space, they face a constant challenge to design and execute a campaign with justified mediums and influencer selections that is backed with data.

Due to the lack of service capabilities and technology in this field.  The traditional Pakistani marketing and PR firms are not able to formulate a winning recipe that can be used by businesses repeatedly to attain desired results.  Instead, they have created pools of paid bloggers and twitteratis those can help them push press releases and marketing content that looks dated and nothing more than an #ad to audience feed.   The word ‘Influence’ seems to be missing from most of the Pakistani PR campaigns.

Pakistani businesses are eager to create a mechanism that will help them to find the right influencers.  Technology can help here, by providing required augmenting and analysis of the local influencers and social channels.  This can help businesses to select the right influencers in a time and cost-effective way, but unfortunately, we don’t have such practices in place as of yet.

We are breaking down a couple of options, Pakistani businesses can adapt to discover and evaluate the right social media influencers for their campaigns:

How to find the Right Influencers from Pakistan?

There aren’t many options available to discover and find the right influencers from Pakistan as of yet, but here are the popular methods businesses can apply:

#1.  Google

This is the most convenient method of finding relevant influencers from any demographic.  Totally doable, but might not provide the right information in the right business niche.  However, the sources for Pakistani Influencers are very limited.  Even portals like Influence.co and NinjaOutreachmight not show the right results for our demographics.

A good option might be to find the “Top” influencers lists with your business niche, example:  “Top Beauty Influencers in Pakistan” OR “Top Lifestyle Influencers in Pakistan”.  These search phrases might give you a verity of links but there are always questions about the authenticity of such lists.  Also, you never know how old is that list but it can give a starting point for sure.

At Bradri. we are continually publishing updating influencer lists covering various different niches.   Our analytical driven approach provides the finest and most updated data from local origins.  Check out some of the influencer lists we have published in recent times.

#2.  Social Media

Social Media Networks nowadays also provide some great discovery tools. FacebookInstagram, and Snapchat all provide with great discovery options to find popular and influential accounts on your feed.

Researchers can use #popular #hashtags to find relevant content and crawl through the content to the actual influencer profiles. It’s a time taken and hectic job but it can lead to great influencers in their actual habitat.

Use tools like KloutPeerindex, and Kred to identify the social influence metrics of the profiles. These metrics will help you analyze if it is the right fix for your business or not.

#3.  Blogger Groups

Blogger groups are becoming more and more popular as they minimize the effort that brands need to expand.  Most of the Ad agencies and local PR firms now have their own blogger groups that usually reside in a mailing list OR a Whatsapp group.  It is a little more complicated to get access to these Blogger groups and find relevant influencers from within.

These groups can be a formidable option for Pakistani businesses.  But of course, the selection of influencers is smaller than what you’d find via a database or marketplace like TapInfluence OR IZEA.

#4.  Marketplace

An influencer marketplace (Bradri. is an example) functions by bringing both sides of the online influencer equation together.

They contain a huge database of relevant influencers with their work and contact details.  Businesses can then find and select influencers as per their needs, and the marketplace serves as the facilitator of the whole process.


Last advice

Pakistani businesses can pick and choose whatever method from the above.   But please remember that it’s always good to create a working relationship with an influencer before even targeting him/her for your campaign.

The whole idea of Influencer Marketing revolves around the TRUST, and brands and businesses need to gain the trust of the influencers first in good faith that they will amplify this trust with their social reach.

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