15 Ongoing Giveaways by Pakistani Instagram Influencers You Should Check Right Now

15 Ongoing Giveaways by Pakistani Instagram Influencers You Should Check Right Now

15 Ongoing Giveaways by Pakistani Instagram Influencers You Should Check Right Now 890 500 Bradri.

After all, everyone loves free stuff, no?

Instagram giveaways are a Pakistani blogger’s ticket to free traction and responsiveness. Instagram is home to millions of users, and giving away something for free can get your attention from a couple of hundred profiles.

An Instagram giveaway done well can get you follows, customers and like-minded influencers. Pakistani Instagrammers are acing this strategy right now, and if you are on insta, you can win some amazing goodies for free!

The year is ending, and too many giveaways are popping up, so we have made a guide to the best ongoing contests. Follow the links provided in each section to go to Instagram and enter a competition.

Let’s begin!

Holiday Giveaway

Instagram influencers @maryamful, @zarasinspirations, @desibridezilla and @onthegowithnimrah have come up with a Holiday giveaway that will stop taking entries on 31st December!  They will be announcing the winner on 1st January 2019.

The details to enter are simple. You must have an Instagram account where you have to follow all the accounts mentioned above. Then, you have to tag three friends who should also be on Instagram and make sure they follow all these accounts too! Only one lucky winner will get all the amazing makeup goodies by Garnier, NYX, Hemani, NARS and so much more in the Holiday Giveaway.

You can also find it on Instagram through #maryamfulgiveaway

Twinnies Blog Giveaway

The twin sisters behind Twinnies Blog have announced a giveaway to thank their loyal fanbase on Instagram. Hurry up, because the contest ends in a few days! To enter, you have to follow @twinnies_blog, @the_twinkle_creation, @oriflame.pk31, and @em.jayyofficial!

This giveaway is only taking single entries, and multiple entries can get you disqualified. Whoever follows all the rules will win the giveaway on 20th December.



Nationwide Giveaway

This giveaway is hosted by @kinzamjad on Instagram. The rules are simple: subscribe to The Amjad Twins on YouTube and inbox Kinza the screenshot and tag two friends on the giveaway post on Instagram. Participants can enter as many times as they want per day!

Winners will get goodies by popular brands like H&M, Sephora and Monro Studio. The giveaway will stop taking entries on 26th December, so hurry up!



Glam Giveaway

The fashion blogging account @glambymehakk has announced a giveaway to thank her amazing fans, and she is welcoming new fans onboard through her recent giveaway. As a return, Mehak is giving away the much-loved Morphe 35os Palette *drools*

The rule is to follow her account, tag five friends and they must also follow @glambymehakk! The entries will close on 24th December so enter now! You can enter as many times as you want.


Photoshoot Giveaway

Do you want celeb-level photos taken for zero cost? Popular photographer @memona.rafi has announced a Photoshoot Giveaway for a lucky winner! That’s not it, people from Pakistan and UAE can participate in the giveaway.

Here are the terms to enter:

Follow Memona on Instagram, like her Giveaway post, and that’s it! If you want to make a Bonus entry, you can share her giveaway post on your Instagram stories and tag her. Private accounts can send her a screenshot through DMs. The shoot can be for you, or you can gift it to friends and family. In addition to the shoot, they will also give away 15 edited photos of your choice. The contest ends on 20th December at 12 am!


Beauty Giveaway

This giveaway is for all the cosmetics lovers in Pakistan, hosted by @beautybyayeshaa. She has a long list of rules, so gear up for this:

  • Follow @beautybyayeshaa
  • Follow Ayesha’s Facebook account and @teeenuu_blogs Facebook
  • Subscribe to her YouTube and comment there
  • Tag ten friends and make them follow the first three rules
  • Share or repost the post
  • For Bonus entries, keep interacting with the post again and again

The lucky winner will get the sought-after Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Palette and other Huda Beauty products, Fenty Beauty and Kylie items. Giveaway ends on 20th December so enter today!



Crochet Giveaway

For all the crochet art fans, @najlahnaeem has a cute giveaway. You will get a handmade Slouchy Beanie and a pocket scarf with beautiful crochet work. She is also showing how to wear the items on her Instagram account.

To enter the giveaway you have to follow Najlah on Instagram, subscribe to her YouTube and send her a screenshot, engage with all of her recent insta and YouTube posts and tag three friends to make them follow as well. Entries close on 25th December!



Dantelle Giveaway

Fans of Dantelle products can enter the giveaway hosted by @the_creative_journal on Instagram. Doha-based blogger has invited both Pakistani and Qatar-based followers to take part in the giveaway to win a body mist, velvet body lotion and shower gel from Dantelle collection.

To participate, you should follow @the_creative_journal and tag three friends and make them follow the account. For a bonus entry, repost the post or share on your Instagram stories. Entries close on 30th December.


Quiz-based contest

This Instagram account is hosting a unique quiz-based contest for Pakistani pop culture aficionados. Visit her profile, find the set of questions and answer them to win. For example, which is the highest rated IMDb TRP Pakistani Drama?

The contest is still ongoing and the only term to enter is to tag a friend and ask them the question in comments.



International Giveaway

The Dammam-based blogger @iammishabilal is hosting an international giveaway for Saudi and Pakistani followers. The duration is between 15-25th December and the winner will be announced on 27th December. This is a huge giveaway where you can win Loreal, Himalaya, Urban Decay, NYX, Nivea and a bunch of Saudi-based brand goodies.

To enter, you have to like the post, comment the item you want the most from the giveaway, tag three friends to follow the account, comment ‘done’ on the post and for bonus entries, you can put the post on your Instagram stories. More than one entry is allowed, but spam is not appreciated.



Thank-you giveaway

The year is ending, and folks behind popular Instagram accounts like @thatkarachigirl, @rebelliousbrownie, @mariammoeedkhan, @modabymaryarana, and @thependulumwoman would like to thank the people who gave them so much love in 2018 by a big fat giveaway.

You get a long list of goodies which include clothing, vouchers, perfume, cosmetics, and shoes. The giveaway has been split into two parts, so two people will get the goodies as mentioned on the Instagram post.  Terms for entry are to follow the accounts tagged in the post and tag five friends to follow all these accounts. Giveaway ends on 27th December!


Thank-You Giveaway (2)

Some Pakistani social media influencers make it a habit to treat their followers every once in a while to a set of goodies which are meant as a thank-you gesture for all the fantastic interactions. @shirzasblog has announced this giveaway for her fans just as she has promised them. The winner will be announced on December 25th, so make sure you enter quickly.

To enter, you have to like the giveaway post, follow the host account and @@aac.events and tag five friends and make them follow all accounts. You can enter more than once, and a story feature will earn you extra points to enter.  They will be selecting the winners through a random username selector. It is your chance to win a Makeup Revolution palette, Maybelline and Miniso products.


Celebratory Giveaway

The makeup blogger @makeupbyazmia is celebrating 2k followers on Facebook and 150+ on Instagram by announcing a giveaway. Anyone can participate in the giveaway by following her on Instagram, tag three female friends to follow the account and a share of the story will be counted as a bonus.

Anyone from Pakistan can win this giveaway, and multiple entries are allowed. You get a Derma wand, Huda Beauty lipsticks, and a cute makeup pouch. No end date has been announced, but make sure you enter today!


New Year Giveaway

Art lovers, rejoice! Art account @afifafurqan3 has announced a New Year Giveaway! They will be announcing the winners on 1st January 2019.

You get two original paintings by the artist, a full-size sketchbook, a Myrex pro pack of poster colors and a paint brush! To enter, you have to follow the host account and @asmarahmat30. Like and comment on all the recent posts of this account and tag five friends to follow and interact with these accounts.

The host has also promised an international giveaway in the future. Best of luck to all!

New Year Giveaway (2)

Another batch of bloggers on Instagram has collaborated to bring a New Years Giveaway for all followers. It will be a ‘mega giveaway’ worth rupees 10,000 and will carry a range of cool goodies.  The @box_of_happy_tales and friends will announce a winner in January 2019.

To participate, you have to follow @engraneeza @box_of_happy_tales @gulbadan.scrub@rida_shoaib14 @nawabganic @mariummarfani and @ferri_bakehouse. Tag your friends and ask them to interact with these accounts and the giveaway post. Repost the post on your account, stories and tag the co-hosts. They have encouraged participants to post multiple entries.



Jewelry Giveaway

Some cool jewelry brands have also entered the giveaway trend by offering high-end pieces to their Instagram followers. Kohenor Collection are giving away a beautiful pair of 22kt Gold-plated Chaand baalis, and Chand Phool baalis. Both of these items are a collector’s treasure, and Kohenor Collection is giving them away to a lucky follower.

To enter, follow @kohenoorcollection, like the post, tag three friends and make them follow the account. Next, take a screenshot of the giveaway post and put it on your story and then follow Kohenoor Collection’s Facebook page.  Participants will need to comment ‘done’ as soon as they complete the task.  They will be announcing the winners on 1st January 2019.

That’s it! 

These are the ongoing giveaways by Instagrammers of Pakistan, and you can enter any of these for free. If you are hosting a giveaway or want to tell us about an ongoing contest/giveaway, tell us in the comments, and we will update our list. Happy winning!