Top 10 Best Pakistani Beauty Bloggers on Instagram in 2018

Top 10 Best Pakistani Beauty Bloggers on Instagram in 2018

Top 10 Best Pakistani Beauty Bloggers on Instagram in 2018 890 500 Bradri.

Beauty blogging is all the rage nowadays, but not everyone can be classified as a beauty blogger. There are some who have definitely done well this year, in terms of unique content and great engagement. Moreover, Pakistani brands have also started recognizing this talent and have collaborated with many beauty bloggers in digital campaigns.

The trend of keeping a beauty blog is now gaining momentum in Pakistan, and here are the accounts that made it big this year:

1. Jannat Mir

Jannat Mir has won so many hearts this year by her amazing skills and lovely nature. This 20 year old mother of a cute boy not only is super talented but a great inspiration to all the young mothers out there. She is an example of a hardworking young mother who outshines in all walks of life.

Her followers increased to 87k+ this year. She uses Instagram to express her talent, and to raise awareness against cyberbullying as well.

Brand Associations

  • MKCosmeticsUK

Jannat recently launched her own matte lip glosses in collaboration with MKcosmeticsUK. It is a huge thing for a local beauty blogger, and we might see this trend pick pace in the future.

Community & Giveaways

Jannat also conducts makeup classes for young learners quite often. Along with that, Jannat has been conducting many giveaways throughout the year. On her giveaways she offers stuff from huge brands and of amazing quality. Jannat arranges these giveaways to thank all her followers.

Jannat also schedules her makeup workshops and keeps her fans updated about them. She runs a different account for it.


2. Beautify by Amna

This is one of the most followed beauty accounts on Instagram in 2018. Beautify by Amna took the Insta ladies by storm when they launched the ‘24K Gold Serum’. The account currently has 172k+ followers on Instagram.

According to the bio, Amna and Suleiman are based in Dubai and Pakistan. The company ‘Beautify by Amna’ is also registered in both Pakistan and Dubai.

The link to their website will take you to a cosmetic-lover’s heaven, with makeup brushes, foundation, the coveted 24K beauty range and mega boxes with huge discounts.

Community & Giveaways

Beautify by Amna team is known for their amazing giveaways. Despite that, they offer discount codes quite often. Also, they work in association with certain bloggers and through their codes they offer various deals and discounts.


3. Tahleel Gulalai Khan

You might have heard about this 22 year old BDS student. She became a sensation and holds one of the most influential accounts on Instagram. Tahleel is a self-taught makeup artist who spreads positivity and self-love via her posts.

Her account reached 148k followers this year and to put a cherry on top,

Brand Association

  • HudaBeauty

Soon after Tahleel got famous for her remarkable skills, she made way to the HudaBeauty™ PR list. Not only this, she has received two of Huda’s new palettes till now. Hope to see her succeed like this ahead as well.

  • BioDerma

Tahleel’s amazing skills were recognized by Bioderma too. She was called to Dubai on a funded trip to attend a session hosted by the Bioderma skin academy.

Community & Giveaways

Tahleel is known to conduct huge giveaways. Recently she hosted a giveaway which was huge. It had more than 40 different goodies.


4. Hunaina Rasool

This 20 year old is not only a self-taught MUA but national volleyball player as well. She is among the most followed and inspirational accounts in Pakistan with 39k+ followers. Hunaina didn’t stop herself from putting her skills to good use and launched her own brand namely sonriehunaina. Which has a following of above 39k.

SonrieHunaina and Channel

Hunaina launched her own ‘24k serum’ and followed by its success she also launched Lashes and Extensions. This serum was loved all over the country. Not only this but also the prices of her products are reasonable. This became one of the major reasons of their success. She supports modest fashion and owns a very humble personality.

Hunaina also owns a YouTube channel where she uploads tutorials and related videos quite often.


5. Maroosha

Maroosha (kiki_13th) is 20-year-old young mother and an amazing MUA.  With the most beautiful features and amazing makeup skills, Maroosha became one of the most appreciated accounts of 2018. She has a following of above 45k, with the sweetest personality.

Maroosha also has a youtube channel and is loved for her videos. There’s no way she is a bit selfish about her skill and is the happiest when she is asked for advice.


Maroosha conducts giveaways quite often. She makes sure she gives good quality stuff in them.

6. Rea Moammar Rana

Rea is a certified beauty blogger. She has 92k followers and is known for her spectacular skills and reviews. Rea pursues her love for makeup and beauty essentials by giving helpful tutorials.

Not only this but her reviews amazing. She is surely a diva! You can check her work out on the link provided.


Rea conducts makeup workshops quite often. If you’re in search of one, you might want to keep up with her account. Her makeup workshops are really famous. She doesn’t stick to only one city but for the love of her followers she travels to other cities and conducts them their too.


7. Fatima Irfan Shaikh

Fatima, also known as Glossips, became one of the most loved accounts of 2018. By her personality and her skills, it’s identifiable that she puts an enormous amount of effort in creating her content.

Brand and Channel

She is also the co-founder of ‘lashes by glossips’ and has 79k+ followers. The best thing about her lashes is that they’re reusable up to 25 times. Yes! Not only this but they are moderately priced as well. Fatimah owns her own youtube channel and is loved for her videos. People love her reviews.


8. Farah Haris

Farah also stands in the list of the most influential beauty accounts of Pakistan. With a following of 79k it is pretty clear that she has a huge army of people who love her content in Pakistan and abroad.

Farah is mostly appreciated for her amazing reviews and the best of best tutorials. Not only this, she is the most helpful person around when you consult her for advice.

Sigma Beauty

Farah is on the PR list of Sigma Beauty. This makes it really easily for her fans to use her code and get amazing discounts and a 10% on their products.


9. Shaheer Khan

Next in line is the very talented Shaheer. Shaheer has become a sensation of 2018 by breaking the stereotypes and showing off his hidden talents.

With a startup from 17k+ followers, Shaheer is rapidly growing his insta-family. His skills are not your ordinary. Loved for his sweet personality, Shaheer is one of the most appreciated artists from 2018.


Shaheer has hosted a huge giveaway with the best products. The best part about this giveaway was that it was internationally opened for a long time span.


Shaheer soon got recognized for his talent by beautify by Amna and made his way to their PR list.


10. Yasmine Khan

You might have definitely heard about Yasmine Khan if you belong to Islamabad. Yasmine appeared on Instagram as a self-taught makeup artist. Later on, her work was so appreciated that she started getting clients every now and then.

Currently growing from 15K+ followers, we are sure if Yasmine continues to use her talent to create completely chic looks, she’ll become huge.


For this year, Yasmine received love and recognition from many brands like Beautify by Amna. Moreover, brands like alya skin also added her to their PR list.


11. Nigam Qureshi

Nigam stands out because of her talent. She broke the stereotypes of the hindrance of the veil and currently does amazing eye makeup. The most amazing fact is that however her face is covered during most of her tutorials, there’s no way it looks vague!

With a growing family of 5k followers, Nigam is becoming a sensation in the Hijab-loving community. We definitely recommend the reader to check her work.


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These are some of the biggest beauty blogging accounts on Instagram run by Pakistanis. We are always updating this list, so submit an entry if you want to get featured!