Top Pakistani Youtubers with most subscribers 2020

Top Pakistani Youtubers with most subscribers 2020

Top Pakistani Youtubers with most subscribers 2020 890 500 Bradri.

Here’s the list of the Top Pakistani Youtubers with their YouTube subscription and growth numbers.  This is a comprehensive list showcasing 30 best YouTubers from Pakistani origin in individual or group capacities.  We have tried to include as many content niches as possible and focused on Content Creators instead of media channels.

To get a closer look on which stars rule the local YouTube scene in 2020, Creators Bradri has collected various stats from many sources and have compiled a list of the Best Pakistani YouTubers of 2020 with the most subscribers. We focused on independent YouTube stars, disregarding channels like mainstream news networks or TV serials.  We’ll be soon creating a listing for them too.

  1. Nadir Ali – P 4 Pakao

Nadir Ali

Nadir Ali is the man behind Pakistan’s biggest YouTube channel P 4 Pakao, as it has become the largest independent channel from Pakistan in 2018.  It is the first Pakistani Independent YouTube channel that has crossed 1 million followers.  It also holds the record to become the first YouTube to reach 2 million from Pakistan.

Nadir Ali is from Karachi and he has started his YouTube channel in 2016.  He had early success on Facebook, as many of his early videos went viral on Facebook and as of the date he enjoys a fat following there too.   As a comedian, Nadir Ali has been appreciated from both sides of the border of India and Pakistan.  Prominent Indian Bollywood stars have also appreciated Nadir Ali and his style of comedy

P4Pakap - Top Pakistani Youtubers

2. Kitchen with Amna

Kitchen with Amna

In 2018, Pakistan has seen a boom in its YouTube stars and we have a variety of channels and YouTubers popping up from all across the nation.  Amna has become the first female YouTube from Pakistan to cross 1 million subscribers on YouTube.  It has become a big milestone for a country which is known as a conservative society.

Kitchen with Amna is a cooking channel where the host uploads various different recipes and cooking tips on a daily basis.  If you like Pakistani, Indian and Continental cuisine, Kitchen with Amna can definitely help with their amazing recipes.

Kitchen with Amna - Top Pakistani YouTubers

3. Food Fusion

FoodFusion - Top Pakistani YouTubers

If you have a flair for cooking all things desi, you must have come across Food Fusion. The online cooking channel is vastly popular among people of all ages from Pakistan and around the globe.  Asad and Saima, the co-owners of the company with the similar name has build a great local brand around Food and Recipes on YouTube.  They are expanding the main channel with many side channels popping up under their roaster.

Food Fusion - Top Pakistani Youtubers

4. Qasim Ali Shah

Qasim Ali Shah

Qasim Ali Shah is a famous trainer and motivational speaker.  His online presense and content is quite popular amoung the masses and learned youth of Pakistan.  His Youtube channels is based of his lectures and short motivational videos getting immense popularity.  He is one the highest gainers when it comes to new subscribers on YouTube.

Qasim Ali Shah - Top Pakistani YouTubers

5. Mubashir Saddiqui – Village Food Secrets

Village Food Life

Mubashir Siddique used to work as a production manager in a Football manufacturing company in Sialkot. He also spent a couple of years working in Malaysia, but he left everything and came back home to support his family and then the silver lining happened.

The 33-year-old Mubashir from a small village of Shahpur, in Sialkot district of Punjab Pakistan, started his YouTube channel Village Food Secrets, where he shares food recipes from the village and people across the globe loved it.  He has become a YouTube sensation in no time as the channel following has grown to 720,000 in just mere 2 years and we can proudly say that Mubashir Siddique from a small village is one of the Top YouTuber from Pakistan.

Village Food Secrets - Top Pakistani Youtubers

6. Asad Ali

Asad Ali TV

Asad Ali TV is another tech reviewer from Pakistan.  He posts new YouTube videos almost every day where he posts tech review, tips, and tricks.  Asad Ali’s main advantage is that he posts videos in plain and simple Urdu, which attracts local viewers as well as from across the border.

Asad Ali is from Faisalabad, Pakistan and has been considered as a local social media success story.  He has been recently interviewed by Pakistan Television PTV, where he talked about the advantages of social media and how people from Pakistan can earn through it.

Asad Ali TV - Top Pakistani YouTubers

7. Saad ur Rehman – Ducky Bhai

Ducky Bhai

Saad ur Rehman is the man behind the best roasting YouTube channel from Pakistan.  As known as Ducky bhai (the name of his YouTube channel) is from Lahore and just turned 20 this year.  He is doing his bachelors in Computers from Comsat Lahore.  But he has already graduated from the YouTube Academy as one of the prominent YouTubers from Pakistan.

In 2018, he came into limelight because of his online feud with another famous YouTuber Sham Idrees.  And his YouTube channel has grown exponentially since then.  With a lot of similar content creators and roasters from India, Saad has joined the elite leagues and he is poised to cross 1 million landmark in 2019.

Ducky Bhai - Top Pakistani YouTubers

8. Shahmeer Abbas

Shameer Abbas

Shahmeer Shah is the fastest rising YouTuber from Pakistan. Born in April 1999 in Lahore, he is known for his prank videos and funny content.

This local superstar is winning the internet with his dance moves and prank videos, where he prank random people on the streets.  His channel on Youtube is one of the fastest growing channels from Pakistan, as it sees a staggering 28,000% increase in his followers only in 2018.

With a well over 931,000 subscribers on YouTube and a couple of thousand followers on Facebook and Instagram.  Shahmeer Abbas Shah is poised to reach 1 million milestone in no time.  Way to go!!!

Shahmeer Abbas Official - Top Pakistani YouTubers

9. Zaryab Khan – XeeTechCare

Zaryab Khan Xeetechcare

This 22 years old Pakistani YouTuber has become one of the biggest and most renowned “Mobile and Technology Review” channels in the world.  Born in Lahore back in 1996, Zaryab Khan was interested in medicine education till he found his YouTube channel and after some traction on his initial videos, he has dedicated himself to XeeTechCare (his YouTube channel).

With over 3,835 videos uploaded by him thus far and making his mark with 1 million subscribers this year, he has deserved to be in the list of some of the world’s best Youtubers from Pakistan.

Xeetech Care - Top Pakistani Youtubers

10. Ramiz Raja

Ramiz Raja Speaks

Ramiz Raja needs no introduction, but his YouTube channel does need an introduction.  The platform has grown so big that even mainstream superstars want to use this platform and create their own presence and brand there.  Ramiz Raja posts daily videos talking about Cricket, as that’s the best use of the mega-stardom.

He continues with his witty style on YouTube. But most of his videos are targeted for the local audience, and we can see him speaking in Urdu mostly. He covers all matters related to Pakistani or International cricket.  He also shares interviews with famous cricketers and since we love cricket very much the channel is one of the fastest growing channels from Pakistan.

Ramiz Speaks - Top Pakitani Youtubers

11. Raza Samo – Khujlee Family

Khujlee Family

Awesamo Speaks changed the dimension of standup comedy in the sub-continent.  It is both entertaining and packed with hard-hitting punches that can roast a living being alive.  RAZA SAMO the sauce of Khujlee Family born in Larkana and had his early education only there.  He joined Institute of Space Technology (WHAT?) Islamabad but never completed it as he was destined to entertain us all on YouTube.

Raza is a multi-talented entertainer currently residing in Lahore.  His rising popularity and fan following is skyrocketed in 2018, as he has also started a personal vlogging channel alongside the main Khujlee Family channel.  He has become a big name in the local Youtubers community and a great example for aspiring newbies.

Khujlee Family - Top Pakistani YouTubers

12. Lahorified

Lahorified is a daring prankster group from Lahore.  They are gaining ground with thier daring and funny pranks around funny situations and catchy scripts.  Way to go Lahorified.. keep it up.

Lahorified - Top Pakistani YouTubers

13. Bilal Munir – VideoWaliSarkar


The 23-year-old Bilal Munir from Faisalabad a.k.a VideoWaliSarkarhas started his YouTube channel with the same name in 2016.  He managed to gather a modest following and soon his videos start trending in Pakistan, which has provided his channel with a boost in early 2018.

Bilal is also an entrepreneur and managing an e-commerce website with the name  His channel is getting traction from local brands and they want Bilal to review their latest devices as they hit the market.  Our best wishes are with Bilal for the next year.

Bilal Munir - Top Pakistani YouTubers

14. Haris Awan

Haris Awan

Inspired by an international channel ThatwasEpic, our boy Haris Awan started his YouTube channel.  And within the last 8 months, he has gained 4lac followers on his YouTube Channel.  This is the fastest growth shown by any Pakistani YouTuber from the year 2018.

Haris used his talent and confidence to pull social experiments and pranks with people on the street.  His social experiments “Rich VS Poor” and “India VS Pak” went viral and skyrocketed his channel ranking in no time.  With millions in views and great content to back it, Haris Awan tops the fastest growing Pakistani YouTube Channels for the year 2018.

Haris Awan - Top Pakistani Youtubers

15. The Idiotz

The Idiotz is one of the most popular YouTube comedians of today. Pakistanis can’t have enough of their funny videos and skits. Created by FaisalKashan, and Hammad from Karachi, The Idiotz is purely a ‘funny videos’ channel. Their topics range from parodies, skits, web series on topics like PSL city wars, etc.

Their channel has 856,521+ subscribers and also an active community of dedicated followers who keep waiting for new videos.

The Idiotz - Top Pakistani Youtubers

16. Bekaar Films

Bekaar Films is a comedy channel on YouTube which has 596k+ subscribers. Their content is well-researched and includes everyday issues and desi stereotypes which are now being questioned by the youth of Pakistan.

Sami, Ghazanfar, Moeen, and Rida are the creators behind this popular channels, and they put their degrees in art and filmmaking to good use by creating videos that are funny and visually appealing at the same time.

Bekaar Films - Top Pakistani YouTubers

17. Irfan Junejo

Irfan Junejo Scnz TV

Mr. Junejo is the most prominent vlogger Content Creator from Pakistan, a darling of millions and the inventor of SCENZ as an adjective.  He is an inspiration for thousands, due to his YouTube journey as he started his YouTube channel by making vlogs about his life on a daily basis and with his dedication and hard work he has earned a diehard fan following from all over Pakistan and around the World.

He is one of the prominent modern-day YouTuber from the local scene, who has mastered the art of selling himself as a brand.  As he is collaborating with many companies and brands and creating amazing content for his YouTube channel.  He is one of the very few creators from Pakistan with an excellent engagement rate that speaks miles about his bonding with his audiences.

Irfan crossed 500 thousand subscribers on YouTube this December, and if it’s not for the numbers we can easily assume that he is the #1 YouTuber from Pakistan atm.

Irfan Junejo - Top Pakistani YouTubers

18. Karachi Vynz Official

Karachi Vynz is another popular comedy channel from Pakistan with a subscriber base of 649k+ loyal viewers. The content of their channel mostly contains skits about the little things in a Pakistani’s life that are mostly not picked up by mainstream media. For example, talking about how people from different religions and ethnicities are peacefully residing in Saddar, Karachi or talking about the fading love for books in our youth.

Karachi Vynz - Top Pakistani YouTubers

19. Our Vines

Our vines is a comedy YouTube channel run by a group of talented youngsters from Peshawar. Their channel currently has 484k+ subscribers. Since all of the creators are Pathans from Peshawar, you will see a distinct Pukhtoon tone in all of the videos.

Because of their association with the Northern part of Pakistan, Our Vines enjoys a unique subscriber base- ones who are interested in learning more about Peshawar and ones who are based out of Peshawar.

Our Vines - Top Pakistani YouTubers

20. Taimoor Salahuddin – Mooroo

Taimoor Salahuddin Mooroo

Taimoor Salahuddin needs no introduction, as he has already made it to the LEGENDS list with his amazing abilities and talents.  Mooroo is as versatile as his name is a musician, director, film student, editor, singer, actor, Youtuber, vlogger, and an amazing personality.  His YouTube channel is pure gold and he is a complete entertainment package.  From travel videos to funny skits to full-length seasons, Mooroo has entertained us better than any other YouTuber from the sub-continent and I mean it.

He is Creators Bradri’s favorite tareen Creator.  We are amazed and thrilled by the quality and dedication of Taimoor towards his work and no matter what type of video he posts on his channel, one thing is sure it has to be top notch quality.  Our warm regards to unarguably the BEST YOUTUBER OF PAKISTAN period

Taimoor Salahuddin - Mooroo

21. Cooking with Asifa

Cooking channels were a rave in 2019 and Cooking with Asifa has become another popular channel on YouTube.  They enjoys an active community around food and recipes on YouTube.

Cooking with Asifa - Top Pakistani YouTubers

22. Nishoo Khan

Nishoo Khan

Beauty and MUAs have already made it big on YouTube and it’s not a different story in Pakistan.  Nishoo Khan is one of the best female YouTubers who enjoys a very high following on the platform.  She posts valuable make-up tutorials and review videos on her channel.

Nishoo Khan has managed to create a great community around her channel.  She keeps the community engaged by offering giveaways, and by responding to popular tutorial requests.  She is also a darling of famous makeup brands as she collaborates and highlights different makeup products on her channel on a regular basis.

Nishoo Khan - Top Pakistani YouTubers

23. Asim Ali Khokar – How to Urdu

How to Urdu - Abid

Asim Ali Khokar is a farmer from a small village of Bahawal Nagar, Punjab.  He has started his YouTube channel How To Urdu which provides useful information, tips and tricks in plain Urdu language.  He covers an array of topics on his channel and keeps it very simple while explaining complex things so his audience can easily understand it.

How to Urdu is a bit similar to another channel we covered earlier Asif Ali TV and both these channels are creating useful content for Urdu/Hindi viewers.

How to Urdu - Top Pakistani YouTubers

24. Azad Chaiwala

Azad Chaiwala

Azad Chaiwala is a Pakistani Entrepreneur who runs many businesses worldwide and he also runs a YouTube channel with the same name, where he shares his advice and ideas for young Pakistani entrepreneurs to learn from.  People can find useful business ideas to start an earning from anywhere in the world especially from Pakistan.

He recently moved back to Pakistan and currently setting up his business in Azad Kashmir.  His style is captivating and his content is unique which helped him to get to our list.  We wish best of luck to Mr. Chaiwala and give him all the strength to keep on doing what he’s doing on his YouTube channel.

Azad Chaiwala - Top Pakistani YouTubers

25. MangoBaaz

MangoBaaz is a platform which majorly amplifies the voice of a Young Pakistani who has many hopes and dreams. Though the platform has quickly evolved into a wholesome brand, they pay close attention to social platforms and having a unique identity on all platforms. The YouTube channel of MangoBaaz is a popular source of comedy videos and laughable tips for everyday life as a Pakistani.

Mangobaaz - Top Pakistani YouTubers

26. Junaid Akram

Junaid Akram Ganji Swag

Junaid Akram started his social journey with his fast long rants about latest news and happenings around Pakistan.  But now he has established himself as a brand and has started various different things on his YouTube channel including a Podcast.

The best thing about Junaid’s videos is his free-flowing ‘Karachi wala’ style of talking in which he spills the gems of his thoughts. From politics to pop culture topics, there is always a vlog-style video of him addressing the new gen about issues.  Khali Wali now!

Junaid Akram - Top Pakistani YouTubers

27. Sana Amin

Sana's Bucket

Sana Amin, the voice behind Sana’s Bucket is the fastest growing female Youtubers from Pakistan.  She is famous for her Giphy rich cute content.  Sana is not only the fastest growing female Youtuber but she is also the very first female roaster from Pakistan.  YAS! A LADY ROOSTER!

Sana creates eye-popping videos with her voice-overs and the results are amazing.  Starting this year only she has bagged 198,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel thus far.  Go Girl!!!

Sanas Bucket - Top Pakistani YouTubers

28. Danish Ali

Danish Ali Show

Danish Ali is a standup comedian who started his own YouTube channel after getting recognition on mainstream media and Facebook initially.  He is famous for short skits and solo comedy videos on YouTube which are quite popular in the local ranks.

Danish Ali - Top Pakistani YouTubers

29. Fatima Irfan – Glossips

Fatima Irfan - Glossips

Glossips has become one of the most prominent names when we talk about beauty channels from Pakistan.  Fatima Irfan, who’s managing the channel since long has done a wonderful job with makeup tips and tricks + reviews + makeovers + hairstyling + lifestyle + vlogging, and so much more.  She is building her Glossips brand over many different social media platforms and working on it as a full-time career.

She is studying Fashion Designing at BNU University and an aspiring Drama Queen, most prolly Pakistan’s FAV Drama Queen.  I fell in love with you after your first Q&A Video. Keep it coming Fatima!

Glossips - Top Pakistani YouTubers

30. Umar Khan – Ukhano

Ukhano - Umer-Khan

Umar Khan aka UKHANO started his YouTube channel as a personal vlogging platform, but with time his focus has been more precise towards travel vlogging.  He recently completes 100 thousand subscribers on his YouTube channel.  His videos are prominent as his main focus is on showing us the amazing/beautiful/soulful side of Pakistan.

Hopefully, he will climb up the list in a coming year. We are hoping to see a lot of good content from Ukhano in 2019.

UKhano - Top Pakistani YouTubers

22. Jehad Zafar – The Wide Side

Jehad Zafar - The Wide Side

Jehad is the founder of The Wide Side, a current affairs show on YouTube.  He is an advertiser by profession and lives in Lahore.  He started his YouTube channel in August 2016 and with consistency in his content he has emerged as a prominent voice from Pakistan with a channel that is famous for discussing controversial topics on social media.

The Wide Side crossed more than 184 thousand subscribers on YouTube and the community is going strong.  We will definitely see more content from Jehad on his channel in the coming years.  Good Luck bro!

Pakistan-Youtube-Stats-The Wide Side

24. Abdul Wali

Abdul Wali - FlyingToWorld

Flying to World is the well-deserved leader of the pack of Pakistani Travel Vloggers.  Abdul Wali is our host as he takes us to his international expeditions on a very regular basis.

The best thing about his channel is that Abdul provides useful information on how to plan and process traveling plans to destinations like Africa, Far East, and Middle Eastern countries.  He provides the best budget traveling advice for Pakistani Travelers with his own experiences and guidance.

Pakistan-Youtube-Stats-Flying To World

28. Anushae Khan

Anushae Khan

Anushae Khan is a beauty vlogger and reviewer from Karachi. She posts regularly on her channel, where she talks about her life and events and PR packages and new product reviews. Anushae is also an avid traveler and she also posts videos about her travelogs.

Anushae Khan just completed 100 thousand subscribers on her Youtube channel and her consistency is paying off as she has become one of the most prominent beauty influencers from Karachi.

Pakistan-Youtube-Stats-Anushae Khan