Most Popular Pakistani Female Vloggers on YouTube

Most Popular Pakistani Female Vloggers on YouTube

Most Popular Pakistani Female Vloggers on YouTube 890 500 Bradri.

The International Women’s Day is around the corner, celebrated on the 8th of March every year. Now, we are definitely not the ones who need a day to celebrate women power only on that day, considering how the world is a better place because of awesome women. However, it is our duty to keep you updated about the ladies who are breaking norms and producing great content in Pakistan.

United Nations has announced that the theme of this year’s Women’s Day is “Think equal, build smart, and innovate for change”. The theme has been set to support the advancement of gender equality through the use of relevant technology and by giving women access to such resources.

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Following the theme, we did some background research and found out that the female vloggers from Pakistan have been working really hard on their content. Gone are the days when people only reposted photos or news from the web. These superwomen invest time, effort and money to make a name on YouTube in Pakistan.

Without further delay, let’s look at the top women vloggers from Pakistan!

  1. Momina Munir

Pakistani Female Vloggers

Momina Munir is a YouTuber based in Karachi. While most of the youth is busy fooling around with their access to the internet by posting memes and giggles, Momina set out to create her own YouTube channel. Her channel currently has 62K+ followers. It takes confidence to hold a camera with you all the time and document your daily life for the world to see, but Momina seems to be getting better at it every day. Like many other vloggers, she says that her inspiration is Irfan Junejo. She met him at an event recently and Junejo proceeded to give her a shout out on his Instagram account, calling her the ‘future of YouTube in Pakistan.’

Her YouTube videos are mostly about studying, tests, managing a social life and keeping up with pop culture, just like an average teenager.

2. Aisha Alam

Pakistani Female Vloggers

Aisha Alam is a YouTuber and blogger, based in Islamabad. Most of her followers know her from her very popular Instagram account, where she posts everything new that is going on in her life. The YouTube channel is now an extension of her stint as an online content creator, and she has done some really good work on her videos. The reason why her videos look so good is that Aisha and her husband are photographers by profession.

Aisha’s content is about lifestyle, home-making, clothing ideas, food, and travel. Budding vloggers should take tips from Aisha on being genuine and keeping it real in front of an online audience. Her channel currently has 30k+ subscribers.

3. Laiba Hussain

Pakistani Female Vloggers

It is refreshing to see the youth of Pakistan spending their time in researching the global influencer culture. Laiba Hussain is a young YouTuber from Karachi and a very cute one at that. You will be impressed by her confidence and her will to learn from the ones who are better at this game in Pakistan. Laiba’s channel includes daily vlogs of places she goes to and the people she meets. Her channel has 30k+ subscribers.

The young YouTuber from Karachi also covers her daily life on Instagram. The young female vlogger from Pakistan is doing a great job by presenting her life in front of so many people and creating a community around her channel.

4. Life with Amna

Pakistani Female Vloggers

Life of Amna is one of the best YouTube channels in Pakistan for many reasons, but the most prominent reason is that it is a food channel. Amna Riaz is a YouTuber based in Lahore. Her channel has 77k+ subscribers. We desis know our food and never compromise on it. Amna’s other channel ‘Kitchen with Amna’ along with this one have made a huge difference for desis who want to eat desi delicacies and also maintain their weight.

Amna makes it clear on her social profiles that she is not a doctor, but her recipes are there to help you out in living a healthy lifestyle. Who does not want to eat a seekh kebab, especially when they are low fat! That’s the magic of Amna. On this channel, Amna covers her daily life and comes across as a genuine, humble person like every Pakistani.

5. Anushae Khan

Pakistani Female Vloggers

Anushae Khan is a female vlogger, based in Karachi. Her YouTube channel has 100k+ subscribers. Anushae posts videos and vlogs on a variety of topics. Her videos mostly cover her daily life but also include lots of PR mail, brand collabs, and insights on what’s trending.

Her own content revolves around product reviews, homemaking tips, food, travel, hairstyles, DIY and trendy outfit ideas. Anushae’s content stands out from other vloggers, because she has got good gear and cool editing skills. You can see that she takes inspiration from popular vloggers and tries to improve her videos every time. Her videos usually get from 90-100k views, which is a sign that her content is loved by subscribers. People actively keep in touch with her through the comments section and her Instagram profile, which is also very active.

Anushae’s channel can tell you that if you are an aspiring female content creator from Pakistan, topics like lifestyle, food and beauty hacks are can help you grow your social mediums if you dedicate time to post unique content.

6. Fatemah Sajwani

Pakistani Female Vloggers

Fatemah Sajwani is a YouTuber from the capital city of Pakistan- Islamabad! She runs a very popular blog called ‘What Fatemah Says’ and that lead to her popularity on other social mediums. Her blog also focused on a trendy lifestyle, so her YouTube channel also follows the same theme. Fatemah posts vlogs and tutorials on her YouTube channel, and also indulges in regular QnA sessions with her followers.

Pro tip: Fatemah’s blogging community eventually grew to her Instagram profile and then she decided to give YouTube a go. If you are also a content creator in Pakistan, you can cross-promote yourself on these different social mediums to let people know that you are active elsewhere too, just like Fatemah does!

7. Narmeen Khan

Pakistani Female Vloggers

Narmeen Khan is a Pakistani YouTuber based in Lahore. She is a student of Kinnaird College for Women, and most of her vlogs revolve around life as a Kcite. Narmeen Khan’s channel currently holds 2,603 subscribers and counting. It takes a lot of effort to attend a hectic day of college and vlog the journey at the same time, so kudos to Narmeen for doing such a wonderful job and stepping out of her comfort zone.

Since Narmeen is comparatively newer to this game, having started the first vlog 4 months ago, we are excited to see how this Pakistani girl shapes up her YouTube journey in the future!

8. Anita Jalil Baloch

Pakistani Female Vloggers

It is common to expect a Pakistani girl from cities like Karachi or Lahore on YouTube, but this should not be it. The amazing platform should be open to people from the entire country, and Anita Jalil Baloch is a shining example of this. Anita lives in Gwadar, and proudly calls herself the first girl YouTuber from Pakistan. As we mentioned before, it is not easy for girls from these cities to take a stage as huge as YouTube, but Anita does this effortlessly.

Dressed in her traditional Balochi attire, you will enjoy Anita’s trips to places around the city and all over Pakistan, documenting everything. Anita has worked in a news company, theatre and been an RJ, but now she spends most of her time vlogging about her daily life.

9. Lala Khan

Pakistani Female Vloggers

Lala Khan is a YouTuber from Lahore. She vlogs about her daily life and her subscribers wait for the next update if you notice the comments section. She recently updated her followers that she may be taking a break from YouTube because she is moving to Canada, so there is something to look forward to, as the next chapter of her YouTube journey unfolds soon.

10. Fajr Fatima

Pakistani Female Vloggers

Miss Fajr Fatima is a YouTuber from Karachi, and she is one of the newer ones on YouTube on this list. Fajr vlogs are mostly about a school-going girl’s daily activities, her friends, family and the stress of exams. However, she also plays sports and is actively involved in her school’s sporting clubs, so you will also get to hear about how she performed at a recent trial and how she likes to make a name by being an athlete. Fajr’s channel has 1,137 subscribers.

11. Zenab Rauf

Pakistani Female Vloggers

Zenab Rauf is a Pakistani girl YouTuber from Faisalabad. Her vlogs are all about her newly-married life, her daily activities, and her social life. Zenab is super cute, and her followers love to catch up on her life updates through her vlogs. Her channel currently has 22k+ subscribers.

12. Maria Jan

Pakistani Female Vloggers

Maria Jan is a Pakistani female vlogger on YouTube. Her channel has 86k+ subscribers, and a loyal fanbase of people who love to follow Maria’s makeup tutorials, daily updates, and beauty hacks. Maria also follows the popular skits trend and makes skits on topics like ‘if you are a car lover’ or ‘types of people on new year’.

Her content is engaging and created by keeping the most relevant internet trends in mind.

Pro tip: when you upload content based on relevant trends, you get a higher chance to resonate with the internet crowd.

13. Shomaila Hassam

Pakistani Female Vloggers

Shomaila Hassam is a Pakistani YouTuber from Islamabad. She is a great example for many Pakistani women, because she is an entrepreneur and also a mother. Many women consider that they won’t get time for other things after marriage. But Shomaila’s YouTube channel will help to bust these myths and help women find their voice. Her channel has 43k+ subscribers and her content is based on daily vlogging, hijab tutorials, life at her university. She is also managing her own brand called Peridot.

14. Ayman Sheikh

Pakistani Female Vloggers

Ayman Sheikh is a Pakistani YouTuber from Lahore. She is a young girl who is skilled at the art of vlogging from the very first vlog. She also met Irfan Junejo, who is her inspiration to start her career. It does not matter who inspires you, you should only do good work and Ayman is working hard at it. Ayman’s channel has 11k+ subscribers.

15. Miss Chatter

Pakistani Female Vloggers

Miss Chatter’s YouTube channel is a mix of vlogs between the United Kingdom and Pakistan. She is from Lahore, so we often see her writing love letters to Lahore or casually roaming the city to discover its beauty. You will also see her videos about Lahore’s food scene, minorities living in Lahore and other untouched topics. She puts a lot of effort on her content and vlog editing, so do check her channel out! Miss Chatter has 31k+ subscribers on her channel.

16. Maria Unera

Pakistani Female Vloggers

Maria Unera is a Pakistani YouTuber and vlogger from Islamabad. Her vlogs are very simple and she likes to keep it real about her daily life. Just like any other youngster from Pakistan, Maria’s vlogs are about food, friends and the struggle to make something good out of her life. Her channel has 5k+ subscribers.

17. Hafsa Jamal

Pakistani Female Vloggers

Hafsa Jamal is a Pakistani YouTuber and vlogger from Lahore. Hafsa’s content is majorly based around helpful tips on food, beauty, shopping and maintaining a busy life of a working lady. Her content also revolves around humorous skits and vlogs about her daily life. Hafsa’s channel has 20k+ subscribers, so do check out her awesome videos!

So this was an exciting update about the top women vloggers from Pakistan.  Don’t forget to appreciate the women around you who make the world a happier and more colorful place!

Have we missed anyone? Link us to their channel in the comments section!