Are YouTube Creator Wars Good for the Pakistani YouTubers Community?

Are YouTube Creator Wars Good for the Pakistani YouTubers Community?

Are YouTube Creator Wars Good for the Pakistani YouTubers Community? 890 500 Bradri.

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As an outsider, hearing of a ‘rant’ by someone popular on YouTube may seem like something that would bother you the least. Who cares, you were on the site to watch a video and now you are out of here, nothing more. So, If you are such a person, this post may not interest you as much as it would interest those who have been keenly following the ‘drama’ on YouTube for the past couple of weeks.

Be it Tati Westbrook or Sham Idrees, the video platform is buzzing with a new controversy every day. This is the effect you have on the community when your channel turns into a brand. The aforementioned individuals started from zero subscribers to millions, and millions of fans dedicate their time and effort to support these individuals or influencers/vloggers/bloggers, however, you may call it.

But, as a fan of things that are good for our influencer community, we have been a little disappointed at the events that unfolded in Pakistani YouTube community. They say, ‘any publicity is good publicity’ but these cheap tactics eventually affect the most important ground rule of being relevant as an influencer: quality content.

When you start swaying to tricks for popularity, the content suffers. The community also gets affected by the unnecessary drama that may not even be real in the first place! Two big names in Pakistani and American YouTube creators community are thriving right now just by making the other creator look bad. Is this the way to get to the top? We don’t think so.

Where do these Creators currently stand

In the fight between Ducky, Sham Idrees, and Shahmeer Abbas, the subscriber count was the main point of concentration for fans and critics. Because subscribers are everything in the YouTube business.

Ducky: 1,239,498+ Pakistani YouTube

Sham: 1,789,125+  Pakistani YouTube

Shahmeer: 1,313,919+ Pakistani YouTube

This is the subscriber count right now, but we are sure that this number has increased by the time you will read this. However, things were not the same a few weeks ago. Shahmeer lost about 600k subscribers when he uploaded an ‘exposed’ video of Ducky bhai which was later deleted. The resulting hype grew Ducky’s followers, even more, causing a surge of 100k subs to his channel.

Sham, however, remained unhurt as he didn’t comment on Ducky’s ‘exposed’ video and his subscribers remained okay naturally.

How these Wars affect the Pakistani YouTube Community

While we are not going into the details of what happened, we would like to stress on the fact that truth is a very important virtue. The increasing battle of getting more views and getting on that trending panel often leads creators down the road of nasty tricks like clickbait, which don’t benefit the subscribers in any way. It doesn’t add value to people’s lives, even if it fills your bank. Moreover, there are teenagers and young adults in your videos, who are learning things which are wrong from the beginning.

At the end of your career, would you rather look like someone who helped others out or as someone who made a fool of themselves just to get more dollars? We prefer the former. Pakistani YouTube

Even Maulana Tariq Jameel, with his 1 million subscribers, had to intervene and tell the young YouTubers that ‘bachon, mat laro’ (kids, don’t fight!). Pakistani YouTube

So, if you are an aspiring YouTuber, you must know that fighting is bad for work, and the world. We don’t know if James Charles or Tati would listen to Maulana Tariq Jameel or us, but we hope for a future where we are united to create good content, and not to gossip about the latest YouTuber meltdown.

How to become a Pro-YouTube content creator

While we are discussing content creation and ways to avoid being an attention-seeker on YouTube, we also have suggestions for all creators to change their video-making game on YouTube. So, if ‘exposed’ videos are what you shouldn’t do, here is what you should do:

Keep up

The moment you think you have got the algorithms figured out, they will change. Don’t be sad or stress over ways to beat the bots. Instead, you should keep learning on good tactics to improve your YouTube channel.

For example, consistency is a value that will never lose its power on YouTube. Keep making and posting videos, keep looking for the best keywords to use in your videos. Keep educating yourself about the latest happenings in the YouTube world.

Listen to your audience

Your subscribers are spending time to watch your content, which means they are contributing to your ‘watch time’ statistics. You have a responsibility to make their watch time valuable. Sometimes, people leave negative or seemingly harsh looking feedback on your comments which can ruin your day. Our tip: don’t ruin your day. Find ways to take this feedback and become a better YouTuber.

Also, if the audience is urging you to refrain from a certain habit or incorporate something that will make your content shine, then you should listen to them. Then there are statistics about your audience that can help you create better content. What city are they from, what are their hobbies, what time are they online, etc.

Show passion in your videos

How would you feel if a YouTuber is talking like monotonously, without any expressions, for 5 minutes straight? We would be bored as anything. Nobody wants to hear your boring lecture, even if you are talking about something groundbreaking. That’s why YouTube is not easy for everyone because you need to demonstrate energetic performances, to liven things up!

Use hand gestures, pop culture references and talk a little louder to animate the video. Read up on ways to make the video more engaging.

Edit videos the right way

No matter what gadget you use to start a channel, the video editing matter most on YouTube. As a creator, you should constantly improve and add better strategies to edit videos. Don’t focus much on removing minor mistakes, as they make you look like a real person. Focus on editing that makes the video more enjoyable like subtitles, transitions, etc.

You can even get help from someone in editing until you learn how to do it, the possibilities are endless!

Refrain from controversy

Knowing YouTube in Pakistan and elsewhere, it is difficult for popular creators to stay away from trouble as anyone can call the other out and it creates a fiasco. However, you can keep a low profile on your reactions to controversies. Keep it cool, stay humble and do the good work rather than jumping on a bandwagon.

What would you do differently?

If you have been looking at YouTube controversies closely, what advice would you give to the Pakistani YouTube creators mentioned above? We know so many talented individuals who have been making great content and building a relationship with their community. So, the main takeaway from this post should be that a YouTuber should be known by their awesome work, rather than a clickbait show.