Why many Pakistani YouTubers are starting their own Podcasts?

Why many Pakistani YouTubers are starting their own Podcasts?

Why many Pakistani YouTubers are starting their own Podcasts? 890 500 Bradri.

The growing trend of podcasts in Pakistani Creators

If you are an internet dweller like us, you must have heard of podcasts or made one in your entire lifetime. If you haven’t heard one, you have made one. If you haven’t made one, you might know someone who made one. For those who don’t know what a podcast is, please make a Google search ASAP, because Pakistani creators are after it with all their might!

Seriously, what is the big deal about podcasts? Here’s a starter information pack:

  • They have been around for 15+ years
  • They initially started for iPod (iPod+broadcast=podcast)
  • Speech-based podcasts have their own dedicated fan following
  • You can find an entertaining podcast on ANY topic

Now that we know this, we understand why creators and influencers want to start a podcast. It’s because there is so much to share and so much to hear.

The Lure of Starting a Podcast

As well as video and images, brands are creating podcasts for their customers as part of a content marketing plan. No matter how effective videos are, an audio-only medium that you can listen to on the way to work or in the metro is irreplaceable.

Music oomph did the maths on this and found out that there are 700,000 active podcasts in 100 languages across the world! they found the top podcast topics to be culture, business, comedy, news, and health.

Since smartphones are indispensable now, they are the number one medium for listening to podcasts. A weekly podcast listener would spend 6 hours and 37 minutes of the week listening to podcasts.

Eventually, it comes down to a good story. We live in a busy world now. We can walk in the park and listen to commentary, we can drive to work and listen to a TED talk and we can sit with friends and enjoy a comedy episode. We love these entertaining stories that keep us busy.

So, if you have never listened to a podcast, where should you begin?

iTunes has an entire section for podcasts on every topic, you can start from there. Moreover, newcomers to the podcast world should know the names of these legends:

Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk is the CEO of VaynerMedia and chairman of VaynerX. He has a lot to tell you if you are interested in business and entrepreneurship. His podcasts have keynote speeches on running a business, marketing and great mentorship for anyone who wants to run their own business. He also hosts people to interview on his podcast.

Neal Schaffer

He is the two times Forbes Top 50 social media power influencer, so you should pay attention to what he has to say. He knows what it takes to be a social media influencer and his podcasts revolve around it. Influencer marketers and social media buffs should tune in to Neal Schaffer.

The Good Life

Stevie and Sazan do what is the audio equivalent of the Oprah or Ellen show- they cover real-life stories. They encourage people to share their hurdles and how they overcame disappointment in life. The stories are so amazing that they will make you laugh, cry and feel 50 types of ways.


We have seen the trend of influencers starting their own podcasts for quite a while now. One duo taking their passion to another level is Cassey Ho and Lisa Bilyeu. Both are owners of their health and fitness businesses and rose to fame through social media. Their podcast is aimed at women who want to become better versions of themselves and be happy with life.

And many, many more! With thousands of podcasts ready to inspire your creativity, our creators also thought of jumping on the bandwagon and testing the waters.

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Famous Pakistani YouTubers have started working on their Podcast content

Pakistani YouTubers were the first to start their podcasts, and it was a welcome change in the monotony of video-only content. Needless to say, there came a wave that brought change and encouraged the use of podcast medium to converse on music, art, history, etc. Creators then shifted to YouTube to turn these podcasts into a video conversation show.

Patari Music App

The first Pakistani platform to host these unique podcasts was Patari, a music streaming app. Since these creatives are always experimenting, you will find the likes of Irfan Junejo with a podcast on SoundCloud and Spotify as well.

Taimoor Salahuddin – Mooroo

Mooro, the widely-known creator of amazing videos and TVCs, also started his own Podcast channel on YouTube. He invites influential and inspirational people from the industry and then the talks ensue, just like usual.

Junaid Akram

Junaid Akram, another influencer from Pakistan started his podcast on YouTube. He invites influential and inspirational people from all walks of life and then the talks ensue, just like usual.


Umar Khan, also known as Ukhano is a YouTuber and influencer from Pakistan. He also turned to YouTube for starting a podcast and guess who he invited to talk about YouTube in Pakistan– Junejo, and Mooroo. Influential people talking about inspirational stuff, just the usual.  Pakistani YouTubers Pakistani YouTubers Pakistani YouTubers

In the same fashion, you can see Shahveer Jaffry, Zaid Ali T, Mango Records and many more with their own YouTube podcasts. This raised a huge concern for us.

  • The creator circle seems to be getting narrower day by day
  • One creator is a host on his podcast and a guest on the other, so where’s the new stuff?
  • Isn’t it too monotonous to host podcasts on YouTube in the same fashion?

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Closing thoughts

We are still looking for answers to these questions. While it is amazing that our creators are taking the leaps of faith, it is also important to note that the medium should not become stagnant. Moreover, podcasts are more enjoyable in audio formats and when they cover a diverse range of topics like the global ones we mentioned in the article.

We would love to see some more storytelling, original stories from Pakistan, real-life superheroes and new topics to emerge as podcasts through these creatives. While it is becoming a next-big sensation in the influencer industry, we would suggest that podcasts be fashioned in their true audio medium and be archived on a streaming platform.

When done well, podcasts can turn into sponsorship opportunities and our industry is ready for this change. We at Team Bradri have just the right people who can turn your brand idea into a massive success. Let’s talk!