9 Awesome New Year’s Resolutions for Pakistani Content Creators

9 Awesome New Year’s Resolutions for Pakistani Content Creators

9 Awesome New Year’s Resolutions for Pakistani Content Creators 890 500 Bradri.

We are here, the last evening for 2018, and the festivities are at its peak.  But it’s about to get over and reality will kick in again with a brand new year.   As part of our last advice to the Pakistani Content Creators this year, we would like to help you with your Creative Resolutions for 2019.  Here are some ideas Pakistani Content Creators should consider to give their content a kick-start and boost their overall personal brand.

1. Create a Content Calendar

This is a must-have for all content creators. It doesn’t matter, what kind of content (editorial, photos, videos) you produce . You need to plan and schedule in advance, how and when you will be posting your content throughout the year.

One might need to consider the style and trends those will be introduced later during the year, but we can always plan for the next quarter OR next month to the least.

2. Work to become a Personal Brand

Stop copying others and stop following the trends, it might give you small wins but it will not serve you any good for your individuality and personal brand. Focus on unleashing the real you by trying different things till you establish your personal brand.

Create a ‘banned list’ of words prominently used by other content creators and try to avoid them in your content.  People don’t want every other YouTuber saying SCENZ in every other scene.  Take a feather out from Shahmeer Abbas Shah’s case study in 2018, on how he made it big by trying almost everything out there without copying anyone.

3. Brainstorm the Content

There’s a famous term in video industry called “Story Board”, and it can be applied on any kind of content of late. Work on a story, a message, a visual in your mind before executing it with gear. You need to visualize something first before creating it and we would suggest you guys to spend more time doing it.

In 2018, the most common complaint was “No OR Low-Quality Content” generated by Pakistani Creators. We need to tell the most fascinating stories in 2019, get ready!

4. Manage your Contacts

Pakistani Creators need to be more social, to promote their content on various networks. I am not suggesting to ask for shoutouts from anyone who just say Hi to you, but I am suggesting you to bond with them.

Pakistani Creators should optimize their contact lists with relevant people. They should invest in becoming an active part of a community and learn and collaborate with like-minded creators often. Creators Bradri. is creating one of the biggest Creators Community from Pakistan and you can join by filling out this early access form.

5. Measure Performance with Analytics

Working with numbers and analytics often give us sweaty palms. As it is something the last thing a creative person would like to do, but it is important, here’s why:

A creator needs to know when to post, what to post, what not to post and all this info. can be attained by using the analytics tools smartly. This year, try to lean on analytics to influence your work and help you set more meaningful key performance indicators.

6. Research Related Materials

When you are done creating a storyboard for your next piece of content, try to find related material that you can include to add some weight to what you are about to create.

My personal process is to add as much related material first, and then shave it off, as it carves into a really informative and engaging piece of content with a lot of external references.

7. Have Fun with your content

If you are not having fun with what you are creating, it might not be the best work you are doing. Make this a priority for 2019, to have fun with your content. Post hilarious captions, embarrassing photos, and low-quality videos but keep on having fun while doing so!

8. Learn to Say ‘No’

As per a local survey, it repels people if you post almost about everything that comes your way. Creators should pick brands and collaborations wisely as people might not get engaged in something they don’t see relevant with your brand. This will give you a low engagement rank and brands might not be interested in working with you at a later stage.

To avoid this, creators should choose their collabs wisely, and they should learn how to say NO! politely, without screaming it loud to the brand as they might have something else for you in future. Brands will also value your decision and will appreciate your work ethics.

9. Develop New Skills

If you are good with the camera, learn how to use editing software, if you are good with the technology, learn how to tell compelling stories. The learning never stops and creatives should always be evolving and improving their existing skills OR learning new skills.

Create a checklist of what do you want to learn in 2019 and keep on checking it till you complete the list. We are really excited to welcome you all in 2019, as we are starting with many compelling services for Pakistani Content Creators. Keep following this space and a very Happy New Year to you all.

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