Can Pakistani Bloggers & Vloggers turn their hobby into a full-time Career?

Can Pakistani Bloggers & Vloggers turn their hobby into a full-time Career?

Can Pakistani Bloggers & Vloggers turn their hobby into a full-time Career? 890 500 Bradri.

As the use of the internet is growing in Pakistan.  Media gurus, Pakistani bloggers & vloggers are busy creating content for the digital world.  We often get this common question asked by Pakistani Bloggers as career advice.

Question: If blogging OR vlogging can be considered as a full-time career?

Our response is somewhat described in this article.

Today’s creative lot can get more support for their work compared to the creatives of, say, 10 years ago. Be it in Pakistan or anywhere else in the world, many parents ask their children ‘how they plan to earn a living by becoming a musician or a writer?’

Thankfully, the dream of making your passion into a source of income has more chances of becoming a reality now. In the case of blogging or vlogging, we have seen many popular names making it big through their work on platforms like YouTube and Instagram.

In 2019, it is completely okay for someone to think of turning blogging or vlogging into a career in Pakistan because the internet has more platforms to showcase your creativity than ever before. The idea of entrepreneurship or solopreneurship looks more achievable with platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

So, for people who are already involved in a day job or a different line of work, the important question lingers:

Should I quit my job and take on vlogging/blogging as a full-time career?

Professional ‘blogger’ is a term that is almost clichéd by now.  In recent times we have experienced exponential growth in the self-proclaimed blogger profiles on social media channels (majorly Instagram, and Facebook), however, when we try to find actual blogs behind those users, our queries mostly returned empty handed or a dated URL with no recent updates at all.

Means most of these so-called “Bloggers” has created a ‘repost’ account which reposts and reshares viral posts and information copied from relevant original sources with thousands of followers.  They usually keep these accounts to get PR packages from local PR companies and brands.

Surely, this is not what your blogging aspirations should be and these types of users are actually shattering the confidence of content creators producing genuine content.  Pakistani Bloggers & Vloggers

However, there are many great professional bloggers and video content creators out there in Pakistan.  They have started before these strategies became popular.  They devoted themselves to what they were passionate about.  And they are creating exceptional video, photo and editorial content for their blog or social platform.

Our advice for Pakistani Bloggers, Vloggers and Content Creators who want to pursue it as a career.

Here are some things you must keep in mind if you want to turn vlogging/blogging into a full-time career: Pakistani Bloggers & Vloggers

There will be ‘Disappointments’, be strong

Be prepared to hear this: you might not earn any money when you start your blog or vlogging channel. It is a reality many of us don’t want to face, but one that exists clearly.

The situation might be different for renowned celebrities, as they already have the fan following that can follow them into different platforms.  For example, Hira Tareen who is a Pakistani actress with a new YouTube account or Nadia Khan who was a TV show host but now runs a YouTubeaccount. These celebs have the upper hand because they have already been recognized by their audiences, which gives them an edge over genuine Bloggers and YouTubers once they test the waters on these social platforms.

For all others, the beginning is a little rough and struggling. Maliha Rao is a popular Beauty and Fashion influencer on Instagram who also started her makeup channel on YouTube.  Soon enough, she realized that ‘YouTube channel earns you money’ is a myth. She opens her heart out in this vlogand tells her how the journey opened her eyes.  Later, she has decided to shift from a makeup tutorial channel to a lifestyle channel, because that would help her create better content. Pakistani Bloggers & Vloggers

The key takeaway from her story on how she didn’t give up on her passion project. She works full-time, but keeps nurturing her vlog and blog, and also started her own skincare brand out of the popularity she received from her blogs.

Commit to be ‘Persistent’

Almost every blogger/vlogger from Pakistan will tell you that the path to the top is a difficult one. Irfan Junejo tells in this vlog that when he first started posting videos on his YouTube channel, he made 600 rupees that month. For someone wishing for quick results, this would be highly disappointing. Irfan Junejo also says in a later vlog that after first month’s 600 rupees, the third month got him more money than he could have imagined.

Persistence is the key to success, and this is a quote that applies to vlogging/blogging as well. It takes time to build a fanbase around your work and also show others that you have the will to go a long way. Many people start a channel or a blog in-the-moment but abandon the job after a week. It is because we fail to plan ahead and foresee that a running blog needs continuous content. That’s why, bloggers and vloggers prefer to call themselves content creators, which is like a full-time job.


Earning Options and Monetization of Content

The options to monetize your content around the world are endless. Platforms like the Patreonenable artists and creatives to gather funds for their work. Currently, the only known platform that offers Pakistani influencers to monetize their content is YouTube. Dedicated content creators from Pakistan have been in the limelight ever since YouTube became operational in Pakistan.  However, many snake oil sellers will tell you numerous ways to earn from YouTube OR your blog.  We advise keeping away from such untrusted sources and unethical ways as it won’t be adding up to your brand later on. Pakistani Bloggers & Vloggers

We did an article recently describing YouTube marketing in details, but as a content creator, you should know that the easiest way to make money is by dedicating your efforts in building a YouTube brand. Other opportunities like affiliate marketing, product tutorials and sponsored posts on your social media profiles or blogs will follow.

At Bradri, we are always looking for new ways to help influencers make the most of their online journey. We believe that there is immense potential in today’s digital markets and Pakistanis are ready to explore how an active online presence can turn into a full-time career. Our platform is home to influencers from every niche in Pakistan, and it is equally beneficial to both brands and influencers who sign up.

A Few Pakistani Bloggers & Vloggers, those have embraced it as a full-time profession.

We have a few shining examples of Pakistani influencers who have been working hard since day one and have finally made a name for themselves as influencers, brand owners and sought-after professionals: Pakistani Bloggers & Vloggers

Jannat Mir – Self-made MUA and Makeup Brand Owner

Jannat Mir is a known name in the Pakistani Instagram influencer community. She started off as just another beauty/makeup enthusiast, and now has a beauty brand of her own! Many people say that Huda Kattan of Huda Beauty set forth some solid guidelines of how beauty enthusiasts can turn their part-time passion into a career. Jannat is an influencer who took the same route and earned rewards.

Taimoor Salahuddin:  YouTuber + Singer + Director + Film Maker

Mooroo aka Taimoor Salahuddin is a multitalented vlogger from Pakistan. He rose to fame in the last few years with his unique videography and editing skills. Today, the vlogger has adopted his passion as full-time work. Mooroo doesn’t only vlog, he also makes TV commercials now. A solopreneur with keen attention to detail, Mooroo’s work is in high demand now. Brands are always chasing the young vlogger, and he keeps balance by choosing a project he likes and simultaneously making a vlog about his work.

Bekaar Films:  Short Films and Video Content Creators

The people behind Bekaar Films attended art school, not a popular field for study in Pakistan. However, they keep following their passion, Bekaar Films grew as a household name in Pakistani comedy. They recently revealed that they are making their first TV commercial. Making a commercial is a giant leap of success for team Bekaar Films, but one that didn’t end up on their doorstep on the first day they started their comedy channel on YouTube.  So if you are persistent in the field of blogging or vlogging, good opportunities and fame will eventually come.

Irfan-ul-Haq:  Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger – Irfanistan

Irfan started his blog Irfanistan with his deep interest in fashion and lifestyle trends in Pakistan. As any blogger would tell you, Irfan put his heart in his work and started receiving recognition. Today, his blog is one of the most respected platforms for fashion, movies, and lifestyle coverage. As your blog grows, you get recognition from known names in your niche and it can lead to work opportunities and exciting new projects as well.

Last word

So, as you continue your efforts in making better content every day, keep in mind that your efforts are like investments- one that will pay off. Don’t be disappointed at minor setbacks, and always look at people who started from point zero and have now become celebrity figures in the digital landscapes of Pakistan.