Pakistani Fitness Influencers who can help you with your get fit resolution in 2019

Pakistani Fitness Influencers who can help you with your get fit resolution in 2019

Pakistani Fitness Influencers who can help you with your get fit resolution in 2019 890 500 Bradri.

New year new you, right?  We believe the same. Your dream of becoming fitter and hitting the gym will not die down after a few days.  These Pakistani Influencers accounts might help.

Now that 2018 is history and a fresh new year has dawned upon us all, it is time to tick off that weight loss resolution. We are glad that you are here today, because we know just the people who can help you with your weight loss journey and make it look quite fashionable in the process.

We proudly present to you the list of the fittest Pakistanis on the interwebs, who are #fitnessgoals and some of them even take clients all year round!

The 42 Day Challenge

If you have been on the internet for a while, you must have heard of the 42-day challenge. It is an extensive period of training which can reshape you into the hotter version of you that you always dreamt about. It is also Pakistan’s largest and most successful weight loss program. They guarantee the fat loss of around 6 inches in 6 weeks if you follow all the tips!

Follow the official Instagram and Facebook of 42DC to see real-life transformation stories, workout tips and meal tricks that can motivate you to hit the gym! The trainers will teach you to burn calories on the program and build muscle in the kitchen. There is more of this motivational talk when you meet these super fit people in person, so book a session or just follow the page for daily inspiration.

The program runs in Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, Hyderabad, and Rawalpindi.


Nusrat Hidayatullah

Nusrat Hidayatullah is a fitness model and founder and CEO of the 42-day challenge. When you follow her Instagram account, you will find out why she is so fit and motivating. The best thing about following her account is the free tips you get many times a day. There are meal planning tips, lots of motivational quotes and personal stories that show how the strongest people were once standing at point zero.

When endlessly scrolling through her insta feed, you will also see some delicious food photos which belong to her newest venture called ‘The F Word’. It is her café in Karachi which makes food for those who live by the macros. Even if you are a fitness enthusiast starting off with the New Year, you can step inside the café and have a chat with Nusrat and her (mad fit) friends.

Extra tip: there are free workout plans on her insta account, so try and match the movements. It is a good idea and the trainer herself encourages you to get on your feet and get moving.

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Hassaan Mahmood

If you have seen the trailer of Maula Jatta and loved the way Fawad Khan looks, you are about to know who to thank. Fawad Khan and many other celebs hit Hassaan Mahmood’s gym ‘Metroflex’ to get ripped into their amazing bodies.

Hassaan believes that dedication is a lifestyle, not an option. This is just what you need to hear at the beginning of the New Year.

Hassaan has been running his successful fitness business for many years now. You can find him on his active Instagram account where he is causally posing with Fawad Khan or Hamza Ali Abbasi. Other than celebs, Hassan also trains regular clients in his gym. Check out his Instagram or Facebook account for tips, tricks, and an online conversation.


Mahek Taherani (muvbeast)

If you are always doubtful about incorporating all the vilayti diet ingredients in your desi meal plans, you should hear what the muvbeast has to say. Mahek Taherani is a fitness guru from Karachi who takes pride in being a #browndieter. She is the first in line to bust myths about our food and she’s always appreciating people to eat the food our generations have been cooking and digesting.

Mahek runs her fitness space called ‘muvbase’ where there is no procrastination over weight loss. Everyone at her space is motivated to reach their goals with the help of Mahek and other awesome trainers.

On her personal account, muvbeast is busy spreading awareness about the do’s and dont’s of dieting and workout. She does weight lifting, aerobics, yoga and some serious stretching. She also leaves the details of every exercise for people to follow at home or as advised.

Moreover, she also listens to people who DM her, and then makes video tutorials on common FAQs around weight loss.


Getfit Athletic

At this point, some of you may be thinking that your ambitious gym dreams only last a few days, so why invest in a gym membership anyway? Hold that thought. We have some amazing news for you. Getfit Athletic is one of its kind fitness services in Pakistan that provides online training! It is tried and tested on so many happy clients who keep pouring their heartfelt thank you’s on Getfit’s Instagram account.

All you have to do is message them on Instagram, sign up for a plan that suits you, and hop onboard. The trainers behind this unique program happily serve people around the world. Their co-founder, head nutritionist, and your new fitness motivation, Anya, also runs her personal Instagram account where she is always taking in questions and answering them on her Instagram story.

You will find a lot of inspiration on both of these accounts even if you don’t buy a plan or become a client.


Kehkashan Nadeem

She calls herself the crazy yogi and she also resides at muvbase. Kehkashan Nadeem is a celebrity yogi in Pakistan. in fact, she is the pioneer of aerial yoga in Pakistan. Kehkashan has been doing yoga for more than 17 years now, and she happily welcomes new clients and transforms their life.

At muvbase, she cooks up new and interesting workshops for the members and makes sessions interesting by incorporating something new each time. She also wrote in one of her posts that Instagram gives her so much inspiration every day, something that she didn’t have when she first launched a career in Pakistan. If Kehkashan can do it, so can you!


Zoha Matin (zo.the.nutritionist)

There is also a lot of inspiration in Pakistan for those who want to eat right and get in shape. Zoha Matin is a certified nutritionist from McGill University with a lot of experience in food and nu.trition based programs. Ever since she got back to Pakistan, Zoha has been actively working with clients and has achieved the status of a celebrity nutritionist because of her hard work and skill.

Zoha’s personal Instagram account is a heaven for those who want to start somewhere and watch what they are eating. She also puts up tips and eating tricks every day on Instagram stories. You can reach out to her on Instagram or Facebook, where she happily guides you about the best way to go on your fitness route.


Featured Photo Credits: @muvbase

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