How an International Remittance Company targeted Pakistani Diaspora Living Abroad with Influencer Marketing

How an International Remittance Company targeted Pakistani Diaspora Living Abroad with Influencer Marketing

How an International Remittance Company targeted Pakistani Diaspora Living Abroad with Influencer Marketing 890 500 Bradri.

“WorldRemit targeted global Pakistani diaspora through Influencer Marketing”

Good news for local and international brands!  If you are a local or international business, interested in pursuing influencer marketing with Pakistani diaspora influencers.  If you are looking for Influencers, those can take out your message to the Pakistani community living abroad.  OR if your business is moving out of the traditional marketing mediums to venture in newer forms of marketing.  We can help you make this happen and can get you the desired results.

This Ramadan campaign for an international remittances company touched all the sweet spots.   As we designed and executed an integrated influencer marketing campaign for both local and global influencers and audiences.  At the core, the campaign has to represent the Pakistani culture infused with the blessed month of Ramadan. And keeping the brand messaging intact.

Another amazing thing about this campaign was that it involved Pakistani influencers from all across the world, including the United Kingdom, United States, Europe, Germany, Canada, and Pakistan.

Let’s do a post-mortem of this campaign to understand how it has become a global hit…

WorldRemit is a UK-based remittance company that had one goal: make money transfer easy for Pakistanis living abroad. They could easily spend money on an ad and run it on news channels and social media, but this company sought to do something unique- spread the message through influencer marketing.

Take a leaf out of WorldRemit’s book about creating a message that resonated with influencers in key markets all over the globe. Moreover, the culture of collaboration that was created with international influencers is a case study in itself.

WorldRemit’s Ramadan Campaign Pakistani Influencer Marketing

If you have been abroad or know someone who lives abroad, they must have mentioned the difficulty of transferring money to Pakistan. There is an awkwardness of paying the additional transfer fee, which is plain uncomfortable for both sender and receiver.

Banks charge a lot of money for transfers, and then there is a long wait until the money comes home. WorldRemit’s goal was to encourage people to send money to their loved ones back home without worrying about the complications of the transfer.

Key messages

As we followed the hashtags #WorldRemitToPakistan and #RamadanWithWorldRemit, we found that the campaign had a very important message running parallel to WorldRemit’s brand awareness campaign- feeding the needy.

Charity, goodness and ‘sawab’:

Ramadan is the best month to spread key messages like goodness in charity and thinking of the unprivileged. It also reflects well on a company’s values. WorldRemit promised that on every transfer, they will provide a free meal to the needy in Pakistan.

WorldRemit worked closely with the Edhi Foundation in Pakistan to distribute those meals and keep the process transparent. Pakistani Influencer Marketing Pakistani Influencer Marketing

Caring for the customer Pakistani Influencer Marketing

Other messages pressed upon the fact that sending money through other services or banks is a hassle, and people frown at the thought of transfer fee. With WorldRemit, you could send a free transfer under a specified amount!  Moreover, first three transfers were free for Pakistanis for an amount that ranged from $200-$300, based upon different currencies.

So many people get under the pressure of banks and send an additional amount just so they can pay their part for eid/zakat during Ramadan in Pakistan, so WorldRemit decided to use influencers to spread their Ramadan offers.

Influencers Targeted

WorldRemit partnered with influencers from UK, USA, Europe, and Canada for their global campaign, and used their platforms to post about their service throughout Ramadan.

The influencers were adults who had families in Pakistan. Targeting these individuals to spread brand awareness was a good idea because just like them, their followers would also be based out of Pakistan in the western countries.

Campaign Content

The social mediums targeted included Facebook (which is the most popular platform in Pakistan), Instagram and YouTube. We further break down the content types to:

  • Facebook (Posts, Photos, Videos)
  • Instagram (Posts, Videos, Stories)
  • YouTube (Videos)

The tagline for the campaign was: “Little things make big difference”.

Here are some popular posts by global influencers for WorldRemit’s campaign:

Bekaar Films

As opposed to to the ‘global’ team, this energetic lot is based in Pakistan and has a powerful voice within Pakistani social media community. The team of four produced a cool video message for the month of Ramadan that plugged WorldRemit’s message subtly in between. You can see the video here.  On YouTube, it has 300k+ views as we write this post.

Urdu Mom

The popular Pakistani influencer is based in Canada and perfectly portrayed the message from WorldRemit to her follower base of around 50k+ people. Her posts usually include her house and her kids, so she used the same theme to talk about the transfer offers to Pakistan and how Pakistanis can also participate in charity by sending transfers.

Mariya- London Blogger

Mariya is based in London and has a following of 21k+ on Instagram. She used her profile to post stories and photos about WorldRemit. She tagged WorldRemit in her post and also in her insta story. Many people commented under her post, inquiring about how they could also join in and send money to Pakistan.

Connect Kashan

The popular YouTuber made the most out of the opportunity provided by WorldRemit and created a cute video about money transfer woes from western countries to Pakistan. The video has 50k+ views as we write this post.

Kashan took kids from ‘katchi abaadi’ to eid shopping, partnering with a friend who sent him money through WorldRemit. He also plugged the messages about the transfers being free to Pakistan.

Collaborative storytelling

Looks like the brand gave complete creative freedom to their influencers, which is the best way to go about an influencer campaign. Each individual wove a different and unique story out of the key messages, and the resulting post did not look out of place at all.

When followed through the hashtag, the posts look like they are part of a great story with multiple chapters and angles. WorldRemit got the benefit of tapping into the word of mouth sentiment powered by global influencers.

Memorable experience

Its so easy for brands to contact the most influential YouTubers or celebrities and get an endorsement. a unique aspect of WorldRemit campaign was that the influencers had one thing in common- their Pakistan connection. By seizing the opportunity to create a memorable experience for these bloggers, WorldRemit has opened new doors towards influencer marketing trends for the coming year.

We are sure that it took a lot of time, strategy and back and forth communication, but the end results were totally worth it. We have definitely taken the hint from WorldRemit that the future of influencer marketing is: think locally but act globally.


When you are a service type of business, you have to be even more creative during marketing. In this case, influencers are a good call. They have a relationship with a huge follower base. They keep it real and they add a realistic touch to your campaign. But most importantly, brands should provide creative freedom to the influencers.  So they can create content that resonates with their followers.

You can follow the hashtags #WorldRemitToPakistan and #RamadanWithWorldRemit on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube to find more posts by these global influencers. If you are a brand seeking to follow the same strategy, we at Creators Bradri. would love to team you up with the most relevant influencers.